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Ola Weel Skram – Fish Pond Idol

This weekend we are so proud to feature an interview with our very own Fish Pond star of Idol in his home country. Ola Weel Skram, from Sogndal, Norway, has been in our family for a year now, after I first heard his YouTube material, and contacted him; a great guy, he immediately agreed to be “in”, and now it’s great to see his voice and musical talents recognized all over the press in Norway; the below interview charts his early musical career, induction into the Fish Pond family, and his continuing journey on Idol.

Ola Weel Skram Idol

Ola took some time out after his success with “I Will Wait” by Mumford and Sons this week on Idol to talk to us about his journey:

Everyone has “a special story” about musical roots. How did you originally develop a passion for music?

I`ve been singing since I was a little child. I come from a very musical family, and my mom and my sisters and me were performing together since I was maybe 2-3 years old. All my life has been about music, and I knew from an early age that I had a special talent that a lot of others in my primary school did not have. I kept on performing on shows, and when I was ten years old I started singing in a band. That was the start for me, and my developing as an artist. Since then I`ve had several shows and been performing a lot, growing as an artist and all the time practising to get a better voice. Now I`m here, and I see this as an opportunity to get new experiences and to develop a lot on the stage! I also hope to show off my voice to the Norwegian crowd as much as I can, so I hope I`ll get further in the competition. It`s a close race, so you never now. All I know is that I have to perform and deliver like hell, and thats what I intend to do!

What do you truly love to write about?

I like to write about certain life situation that people get into. I have written a lot of songs about love, lost love, depression, and of course more positively loaded songs.

Lyricist, composer, or both? Which comes easiest to you and why?

I am much more of a composer than a lyricist, because the melodies come naturally to me, while the lyrics take a lot more work and is much harder to be 100% satisfied with .

The first time I heard your voice was on a video with Ole Martin Volle singing ‘Raining in Baltimore’, a video posted originally in 2008. Can you tell us about that period of your singing career?

At the time when I was performing with Ole Martin, I was 17 years old, and just starting high school. We found our passion for music and life itself in a small dark rehearsing room where we played songs like ‘Raining in Baltimore’, a lot of songs by Damien Rice, Lifehouse and The Fray, as well as creating our own music. Sadly, we`ve been living in different cities the past few years, but we still remain great friends, and play a lot when we get together.

We’re so proud as a family to see you progressing through Idol and getting the recognition your voice deserves. Tell us about your “Road to Idol”.

My “Road to Idol” started when the producers of the show contacted me. They had heard of me, and really wanted me to give it a try. At first I was really skeptical, since it`s a reality show, but I decided to give it a try anyway, of course keeping in mind that it could be a really big break for me if I went through. The auditions went really well, and I went straight to the top 40. Last Wednesday I went through from the semifinals, becoming one of the top 10 finalist out of over 5,000 competitors. And now here I am!

As a Fish Pond family member, tell us what the family means to you.

It`s great to be a member of this family. It`s so inspiring to hear all these wonderful talented musicians from all over the world, and to know that I am considered as one of you guys is truly an honor! In this family we share our music all over the world, and today, using social networks, that’s one of the quickest, easiest, but also the best ways!

I`d just like to say thank you to all of you guys for your comments, I really appreciate it! And I wish all of the other hopeful musicians in the family the best of luck. Continue to work hard and believe in yourselves; it`s the only way!

We thank Ola for taking time in his busy schedule, and encourage you to support him as he continues his quest to be Norway’s Idol for 2013. You can also check out Ola’s profile here.

By David Mark Smith
Global Musicians Fish Pond
3rd March 2013

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The Sandman’s Orchestra – Luring Cobras from their Depths

The Sandman’s Orchestra; a dynamic duo, with sounds coming straight from the time of egyptian princesses, they define their style as a warm atmospheric folk sound, with touches of minimal dark jazz and electronica.

The Sandmans Orchestra Album

The combination of singer/songwriter Pierre Laplace, and his 17 year old niece Léonie Gabriel is a strong and unique one. They bring together family, music, passion and love in every note they sing. With Pierre’s long list of musical instruments he’s studied – guitar, banjo, wurlitzer, piano, cello, and drums – there’s a limitless amount of creative direction these two can take. They put this into full force in their album, ‘Nocturne’, to be released on March 25th, 2013. The compilation was not only written by Pierre, but also produced by him as well. Pierre also played the majority of the instruments for the entire album personally, with just a few guests aiding in the final outcome of this beautiful piece of musical art.

From the first notes of their song ‘In Your Wake’, I was instantly hooked. I couldn’t help but picture a scene of exotic luxury, filled with pyramids, Egyptian gods, and this duo luring cobras from their depths with mesmerizing harmonies. Pierre’s voice has a slightly raw edge to it, which in contrast to Léonie’s airy vocals, creates a golden combination.

Then comes ‘Wildfires Of The Mind’, which has a completely different flavor to it. A much more jazzy feel flows through the verses of this song. Touches of saxophone from guest on the album David Laisne give an added dimension to the song, and sets it apart from the others as unique in it’s own right. Throughout, Léonie carries the lyrics with such a depth and precision; her vocals come across as if she has been singing for many many years.

The duo demonstrate their beautiful harmonies and intertwined style of singing on ‘The Dying Light’. A soft and steady rhythm of drums and piano serenade throughout, while well written lyrics drift in; “I see your ghost sweeping past my window, why did I ever have to let you go?”. The song sinks deep into the heart, drawing out raw emotion and feeling, allowing you to relate; yet emphasizing, in the way they sing it, that it’s very personal to them at the same time.

With a piano based number, ‘To Haunt You’, Léonie introduces her vocals with far more maturity than you would expect from someone of her age; “In dreams I see you, your arms around me, we curl into an embrace…”. You can feel the control she demonstrates as she carries the melody with effortless ease. The song is beautifully crafted; gentle with intentionally placed spaces, the lyrics have the freedom to become haunting and linger in your mind long after the song is over. There are so many delicate touches throughout; a wind chime, bells, a snare drum (to name just a few); the thought put into every measure is evident.

Listening to just a few songs from the album these two have produced, I’m amazed by how ‘signature’ each one is, while still having a very distinct sound and thread throughout. The skill demonstrated in their musicianship is truly remarkable, and there is obvious dedication to their craft, as their songs and lyrics are beautifully written. The Sandman’s Orchestra has something very special to share with the world, and I look forward to witnessing it.

You can hear more from the Sandman’s Orchestra here on their profile page;

by Pranam Bai Richter
Head of Global Publicity, Global Musicians Fish Pond
Singer/Songwriter, The Richter Sisters
Contact: pranam@globalmusiciansfishpond.com

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The Richter Sisters – Life’s Too Beautiful

Ever seen The Richter Sisters? You’d know if you had; all smiles, deep feeling, and sincere lyrics; they shine, with harmonies to die for. To a sell out crowd, they delighted with a wealth of original numbers, earning a standing ovation after 2 hours of heartfelt performance at 49 West.

The Richter Sisters Live 2

Pranam Bai and Ruchi Singh are the youngest of 7 siblings. Born into a musical family, these two sisters have clearly decided what they want; a life defined by the music that they create and produce so well together. Performing together as The Richter Sisters for a relatively short time, they are still maturing (albeit quickly) as musicians, but the practice they put in is immediately obvious.

Beginning their set with a smile, and a “thanks for being here”, they knew exactly how to convey their real pleasure that so many had turned out (but for a backstage pass, I had been refused entry as the place was packed). They launch into “Lead the Way”, an empowering song which questions you:

“I challenge you to challenge yourself
To use your light in your own darkness
And when the road ahead is indecisive
Trust your heart to lead the way”

The harmonies are immediately noticeable; the time that these girls have had to perfect their craft together shows in well rehearsed back-and-forth melodies, and harmonies which show off Ruchi’s strong soprano and Pranam Bai’s huge range, ending with an exquisite high octave jump which takes nerve to attempt, especially in an opener like this. Lyrically it shows that despite the clean-cut look that these two sisters cultivate, they clearly are two young women comfortable with who they are. It’s pleasing, the guitar-backing sounds almost mandolin-like, with a carefully-picked solo from Ruchi, and has the crowd behind them from the start, swaying along and clearly wanting more.

Moving later in the set, on request from brother Sammy, is an emotional number “Blue Eyes”, written for their “miracle baby” niece. I’d challenge even the brashest listener to stay dry-eyed, as their lullaby washes over a silent audience:

“One day, one day maybe you will see,
Like a river, my love for you runs so deep;
Underneath these same blue skies,
your bright blue eyes, will open wide,
To see you through”

It’s a good demonstration of the depth with which The Richter Sisters write, the melody incorporating Pranam Bai’s delicately picked guitar style with sister Ruchi’s chords. They love, and they’re not afraid to show it in any way, as vulnerable as it makes them on stage.

My favorite song of the set was still to come – “Show Me”; the sentiment is beautiful and shows a well-spring of emotion beyond their years:

“So show me a little love, and I’ll reciprocate it”.

This one is is a heart-breaker; it’s something which you’d hope that everyone in the room could empathize with. With the now-familiar gorgeous harmonies throughout, it becomes even more noticeable that through the big-hearted smiles, these girls are focused on the lyric, the feeling of the song, pure heart; and it shows in their faces, as serious as the feelings expressed through the song. It’s very hard to pick a lyric from this because the whole song is so well put together, but these are surely my choice:

“I long for you to always see me in happiness;
Hold me close,
And kiss me on my nose,
And tell me you love me while you’re sure you know”

The Richter Sisters Live 3

Closing out the set with an anthemic and clearly memorable number “Into Your Love”, they have the audience singing along, and produce a strong version of the song for their well-earned encore. Indeed it is a song which is so heartfelt, a lyric of two lovers trusted in each others’ arms:

“I see my future in your eyes
I long to find my way back to your smile
If this is just a dream, don’t wake me up
I feel I’m falling into your love”

Ironically the “catch” is the “catch me, catch me”, which has the crowd right with them to the end. Memorable, chart-worthy, and for fans of The Richter Sisters, this will be a tag line which will run and run.

I’ll admit to knowing these girls; having opened for them in Winchester (147 North) the night before (where they only played for an hour), I made the 4 hour round-trip to Annapolis to check them out, knowing that headlining, they would deliver something special and worthy of a review. I write here with all of the objectivity that you expect from an unbiased Fish Pond piece; they didn’t disappoint, and as they mature, they will be a band to make us all proud. Everyone who made the trip knows just what I mean. They love, and they are loved in return.

You can find out more about the Richter Sisters on their profile page, here.

Their Facebook page is here, and they also have a YouTube channel here.

By David Mark Smith

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Gregg Wright – Cry Myself a River

Lets talk blues. Lets talk Gregg Wright. An extremely talented artist in his own right, his musicianship goes beyond the skills his so clearly demonstrates, to genuine inspiration.

Gregg Wright

Gregg first took up the guitar while attending junior high school in Falls, Texas. Playing in bands all around the Washington D.C area, he established himself as a very talented musician; a strong prelude to his pro career.  He began on the U.S. Southern circuit in the mid-1970′. A move in the ’80’s from Louisiana to Los Angeles found Wright becoming a more-than-noticed guitarist, earning awards, recording platinum albums and doing world tours with superstars like Michael Jackson and Mick Fleetwood among others.

In his electrifying blues cover, ‘Cry Myself A River’, he starts right off with sensational guitar riffs that pull you right down into the setting of a smoky little café, filled with late-night party goers, and steamy love. The long intro of a full 49 seconds, is so simple; with just the electric guitar and drums holding down a groovy sway, the whole song could be an instrumental and I’d be happy; it’s that good. But when the lyrics do come in, singing out the title “I’m gonna cry myself a river” Gregg effortlessly draws you in; hook, line, and sinker. The lyrical content paints the picture of a heart-wrenching love that everyone can relate to, but only some succeed in creating into such passion in a song form.

The song has this great build throughout, and so many places for an instrumental guitar solo. Gregg takes every opportunity and runs with it, pulling you higher and higher with each guitar lick. When he reaches that sweet note, it feels like you’re right there with him, and he’s singing directly to you, he gets you completely invested into the song. Somehow having the illusion of performing in an intimate setting, while perhaps really playing for thousands of people, Gregg’s talent goes beyond musical ability. And with such a rich tone to his voice, the lyrics linger with each word, and with the slight growl that touches select vocal notes, there’s a feeling of passion poured into every word.

Gregg has set an example of how blues has evolved and blended into the world of rock/pop during his musical career of working with Michael Jackson, while outstanding live performances across Europe and America, have earned him much deserved international acclaim.

I don’t know what’s next to come from Gregg Wright, but the legacy he’s left behind is definitely something to be proud of. Watch “Cry Myself a River” live in Calais in 2009 here.

You can hear more from Gregg here.

By Pranam Bai Richter, Head of Global Publicity, The Fish Pond

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Random Holiday – A Change of Pace

Random Holiday; a quartet of talented individuals, found their wings in the spring of 2009. These four musicians (freshman in High School at the time) discovered themselves and the best in each other through the music they create.

To them, music is about so much more then just writing “catchy” songs, or the glory and fame. It comes from the heart, and their music is a true reflection of who they are.

Random Holiday 6

They released their EP entitled ‘A New Hope’ in December of 2011. The band had some small triumphs with the EP; doing a small tour in a few select states, and overall getting enough momentum and recognition, that they got signed onto Third Time Lucky Rekords in the spring of 2012. Though the band struggled through some member changes, they continued to push forward and spread their music; doing a east coast tour in the summer, and working on their debut album (to be released in the winter of ’13).

So how do I describe this talented group, who has been working so hard to get where they are today? Well, in one word, dedicated. Their music is a combination of head-banging pop/punk and full on party. Filled with electric guitar riffs, energetic drum beats and catchy lyrics, each song makes it’s own impact as one you won’t forget.

From their EP, their song; ‘Change of Pace’ starts right in with an electrifying intro of drums and guitar. Because the intro is long, it gives plenty of time to sink into the groove of the song, so when the first verse comes in you’re already hooked. Dramatic pauses on single guitar chords, give a creative instrumental pre-chorus, setting it up beautifully for the powerful lyrics of the chorus to leave a lasting impression. The bridge is my favorite part of the song, with a soft rhythm on the snare drum, the vocals shine through, “I can’t deny, you’re the reason I try, to get out of this town, I try to make you proud, this is what keeps me alive” then back for a final round, and out with a bang. That small touch adds such an impressive dynamic to the song. Have a listen here.


These guys are the real deal, and with their new album to be released soon, they are sure to take pop/punk music to another level. Their drive and fire is not only recognizable, but also very commendable. They pour their heart out into every song, without a moments hesitation, and are definitely musicians who will make a difference in the world with the music they create.

To quote the band; “Pop Punk isn’t a genre as much as it is a lifestyle. We hope to represent this genre or style the best we can through our music and our character off stage” …it’s easy to see, they do just that.

You can hear more from Random Holiday here;

You can check them out and buy their album here.

By Pranam Bai Richter, Head of Global Publicity, The Fish Pond

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Good King Friday – The Moon is a Balloon

Good King Friday formed after members of classical group the Los Angeles New Music Ensemble met some long-lost friends at a show in Silverlake, CA. Ever since, they’ve been very successfully writing symphonic rock together. Released in October 2011, their self-titled album is a breath of fresh air that will knock you flat on your back.

Good King Friday 3

It’s a combination of intelligent writing, really progressive classical music, and a pop-rock sound, which you can probably already tell I am finding hard to categorize. It’s just Good King Friday, pure and simple.

Joining the Fish Pond family in March 2012, they are characteristic of the global concept we represent. With lyrics from Matt Kolbet, their ranks are made up of Canadian Patrick Conlon on violin and vocals, Chicagoan Audrey Snyder on cello, L.A. girl Christina Giacona on guitar, clarinet, and vocals, her childhood friends, siblings Kelly Caswell on lead vocals and piano, and Chris Wakelin on drums, and their school mate from Valencia, CA, Nathan Caswell on bass and vocals‚ by the way married to Kelly, and also Matt’s brother in law. This is the family that makes up GKF.

Beginning with “I am Not the One”, we’re already treated to the kind of really tight, classically trained style which you can expect from the band’s quirky, changing tempos, from the best I can make out, from 7/8 time back into 4/4, and an exquisite journey in some really soaring vocal harmonies. The string parts make the best of the violin and cello, and are as symphonic as their orchestral backgrounds.

“Who Knows If the Moon’s a Balloon” has a great video on YouTube which you should check out whenever you get the chance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlMF76OKUtg. It’s a beautiful exploratory lyric, simple, romantic, bringing a little welcome clarinet into the mix for good measure. Good King Friday have this excellent habit of allowing you to focus on the music by repeating lyrics rather than making them over-complex; it’s a great idea, because to be honest there is so much to enjoy in the music and the voices they bring to the mix without overly focusing on the message

“Day After Day” is my favorite of the lot. It’s truly progressive neo-classical pop-rock at its very best, and as my musical heart is deeply rooted in punk rock, metal, and classic rock, with some even longer-ago ties to classical music, the superbly rangy and massive chorus really gets me lost in the moment; once again with the repeated lyric, so that I can focus on the collective, the build is immense, using to good effect some age old rock techniques with that amazing symphonic edge to it. And by the way, the arpeggiated ending to the song, ending with a real classical bang, is so much appreciated.

“I Know” shows how much fun these friends are having in their music. Here’s your chance to see them all in action, with, in my opinion, one of the best and freshest music videos I’ve seen in a long time – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmBFw_Bf__g it’s just so much FUN‚ all pinks, reds, blues, and a fabulous start as they all come to life one by one; check it out, you won’t be disappointed. Such a well-observed and witty truism as well. You can also watch it here.

“Romance” did not make the album, but you can find it on the site. I wanted to review it anyway, because it runs a very close second for me with “Day After Day”. It’s the ballad of the bunch, and is beautifully written around a simple piano and string backing, with a vocal melody that will get right to your heart.

“Together we make sense out of all of this crazy world;
Taking in the flowers, staring at the sun”.

It’s everything that is musically wonderful about Good King Friday, with all of the emotion and lyrical content to be able to lose yourself in the song.

I’m so very glad to have found this happy bunch of very talented, very qualified, unique musicians. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of Good King Friday in the coming years. In the meantime, check out the above songs by buying the album on iTunes from Onyx Lane Records – here – and also check out their profile, and leave a comment, here.

By David Mark Smith
Global Musicians Fish Pond

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Jonina – You and Me

Jonina Aradottir is every definition of a beautiful soul. With a voice like a gentle breeze, she fills every corner of the room like an echo from an angel.

Jonina 2

The talented singer/songwriter was raised in the southeastern countryside of Iceland, where she began to develop into the musician we have come to know and love today. She combines the skills she learned studying her art at Songskoli Reykjavikur’s most prestigious vocal school, and abroad studying studio techniques and guitar with Den Rytmiske Hojskole in Denmark, with her original twist, to bring you a beautiful style of musical craftsmanship.

One of my favorite songs of Jonina’s, (and the subject of this review) is ‘You and Me’.

With this heartfelt, guitar-based ballad, she takes you on a journey to a feeling of pure love and joy. Slow; like a lullaby, the song begins. You will most likely find yourself closing your eyes, swaying side to side, and by the second chorus; singing along. The verses are so honest, like they were plucked right out of a memory and placed into the song. Flowing with dreamy ease into the chorus;

“Do you wanna take my hand?
Do you wanna be my man?
Walk beside me till the ends of time,
and it will be,
just you and me.”

There is no need for any additional musical build, Jonina does everything the song needs vocally. Beautifully simple in the guitar, with a skilled finger-picking style that runs throughout, there’s plenty of room for her voice to shine; and by the second chorus she does just that. Voice ringing out; she demonstrates her vocal range, completely enveloping you in the lyrics, she reaches the peak of the song as she sings the catch phrase:

“you and me, just you and me.”

Then drifting back down almost into a whisper, she does a perfectly executed fade-out of guitar and vocals, finishing just as wonderfully as the song began.

If Jonina can evoke this much honest feeling and emotion from just one ballad, you can only imagine what she’s capable of delivering with an album. She is a joy to watch blossom and grow. A true musician and artist.

You can hear more from Jonina Aradottir here.

By Pranam Bai Richter
Head of Global Publicity, the Fish Pond

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Josh Doyle – I Figured the World Out

Josh Doyle is unique; watch and listen to his latest material, and you’ll see an artist with an enormous passion for the songs he creates and performs; a guitar style which is superb in it’s intricacy; a history including four top 40 singles in the UK charts in the early 2000’s and supporting Bon Jovi at Wembley Stadium; and a body of work which has Billboard Magazine touting Josh as “…the next big thing on an international level”.

Josh Doyle 2

“I Figured the World Out”, Track 6 on Josh’s 2012 self-titled album release, which you can find here, is in its entirety a study in how a really talented singer/songwriter and guitarist can excel. With a guitar part which defies the hand-span of most, and a lyric which is both thoughtful and emotional, it’s a number which will show you exactly why he won Guitar Center’s 2012 Singer Songwriter Competition.

You can view the video below as you read, if you want to follow the song along.

Leaping into a beautiful acoustic guitar lick from the beginning, it’s a rhythmic and melodic start to a really catchy number. There’s no doubt from the very start of the vocal that it’s the Josh Doyle we all know and love – he has a voice that’s impossible to forget from when I first heard him in the early 2000’s;

“Got the fence surrounded, snipers on the roof,
Copters buzzing frantic, sights on me and you”

There’s just enough gravel in that voice to cement the knowledge that he’s passionate on the subject. Then into that glorious first chorus; kept nice and low to allow for build later in the song, it’s catchy as hell;

“Can’t you see you’re all I’ve got?
All that I can’t live without,
While you were sleeping,
I figured the world out, I figured the world out”

The lyric needs thinking about – the second verse giving us a beautiful pass into the second chorus, which is Josh at his all out best. Demonstrating the best of his range, he let’s the second chorus fly with an angst and passion which will drag you right into the heart of the song.

The bridge is once again both lyrically and musically intelligent, stepping the song up another level, and this next is the one lyric that has really stuck in my mind since I first heard the song;

“And all my dreams have failed me like election night promises,
My enemies invade me like a thousand doubting Thomases”

Brilliant; clearly it’s an emotional build; I wonder how he gets through an entire set in an evening with the obvious outpouring of feeling, technique, pure gritty vocals, and energy which go into just one song (and his video catalog bears witness to the fact that he’s completely committed to the audience in effort and sheer raw performance every time).

Leaving himself room for a last chorus which is like a shout of pain, and an instrumental outro which winds the song down beautifully, Josh deserves that wry smile which he allows himself at the end of the video. Frankly he knows it, and we know it; as musicians go, he’s in a league of his own.

Josh is also a particular favorite, not only because he’s a decent down to earth bloke, but because of his ground-breaking self-funded tour of the UK in 2009. In 2009, his EP ‘Values and Virtues’ was released independently, and with the proceeds of sales, he required no label or sponsorship, paving a new road for Indie artists with a good number of fans.

We at the Fish Pond wish him every success for 2013, and look forward to enjoying his material for many years to come.

You can view the video to “I Figured the World Out” here.

By David Mark Smith

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Sarah D – Power and Passion

From the humble town of Adelaide, South Australia comes the beautiful pop/rock artist Sarah Dokowicz.

Sarah Dokowicz 4

With a passion for music that shines through in all her musical endeavors, her new EP; Over You, is a combination of female strength and musical fun. Since the age of 9, Sarah D knew music was her last stop, and she continues to prove it to this day with her heart-driven desire to make a change through her voice.

Starting the album off right with an edgy/rock tune; ‘Stand Up’ is a no nonsense, attention grabber. With such a powerful lyric, you know this song was meant to make a statement. She has a very pretty falsetto that she brings in after the bridge, showing off her vocal range and dynamics she had hinted at throughout the entire song. Simple touches, like the combination of bass drum/hand claps, add a layer of complexity to the song.

Another up-beat number is; ‘Gone’. A great blend of edgy musical arrangements and vocals, it’s female activism in lyrical form. Starting off the first measure with a hint of reggae, it then makes a quick shift to a full-of-energy pop song. Steady rhythm and electric guitar play throughout, filling the song with lots to pay attention too. You will want to listen to it several times over to completely feel you heard all the little touches. Her vocals suggest influences from Pink and Kelly Clarkson, yet still keeping it original. Strategic pauses throughout the song leave perfect moments to take a breath, before jumping right back into the party.

In another shade of Sarah’s musical light comes; ‘Crying Over The Rainbow’. Starting off with a soft piano intro and simple lyrics, it sets a perfect mood to just settle in and listen to what seems to be a very promising track. Once the chorus hits, it proves to live up to intro expectations. Filled with a beautiful rise and fall, signature piano solos, and creative sound effects, it has just enough, without being too complicated and distracting from the warm tone of Sarah’s voice. Her lyrics take you on a journey through a difficult relationship, but in a relatable way, that will have many listeners singing along in understanding.

With a slightly different flavor; ‘Make The World’. Coming right in the first measure:

“I wanna make the world revolve around me”

Sarah demands the stage, and takes no hesitation to own it. A beautiful break down into the bridge, a slight pause before the final round of chorus, and the easy way she shifts from tender vocals to sassy flair, shows off a similar trail throughout the album, and puts a “Sarah” stamp on every song; the mark of a true artist. Finishing out the last song with an unedited laugh, it’s easy to feel the fun she had creating this EP.

It’s difficult to not instantly fall in love with this girl, the powerful message she brings through her lyrics, and the passion you can hear in her voice. Sarah D is one you won’t easily forget.

You can hear more of Sarah D here;

Enjoy her website here, and purchase the EP today here;

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