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Jonina Aradottir

Jonina is an Icelandic singer / songwriter raised in the rural southeastern countryside. It was amidst these sweeping hills and black sands where she cultivated her strong folk/rock sound. Jonina studied vocals at Songskoli Reykjavikur’s most prestigious vocal school and then headed abroad to study studio techniques and guitar at Den Rytmiske Hojskole in Denmark. She didn¬¥t stop there, and has just graduated from studying vocal performance at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles.

It all started in 2003 when Jonina entered a radio contest which resulted in her being crowned Iceland’s best troubadour. Since then Jonina gained momentum with a long list of performances in Iceland, Denmark and Los Angeles. In addition to solo projects, she collaborates with other artists as well as she works with her own material. Jonina is a world traveler, currently residing in Los Angeles where she spends her days singing, performing, writing songs, and expanding her horizons.

You can find a review on Jonina’s song ‘You and Me’ here


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