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Random Holiday

Music is something that connects people of all different races, sexes, ages, and backgrounds. There are no rules, what YOU say goes in the business. It’s the best way to connect to people in a way that words can’t exactly do. I have come to realize that playing music isn’t something I do to become cool or think I’m better than everyone else. Every time Random Holiday and I get on stage, a new memory will be made, whether good or bad.

We write music based on what WE feel, what WE love, and what WE experience. It’s got to a point in our time together where, sure, we really want to impress the crowd, we want everyone to love us, but we want them to love us because our words inspired them. I’ve always said, “There is absolutely no great feeling then when you play a song you wrote and poured your heart into, and you look out to the crowd and everyone is getting so into the music and singing along word by word.” A great show can make the worst of days amazing.

Random Holiday consists of I, Jake White, on drums, Michael Frazier on guitar and vocals, Kyle Grim on bass and vocals, and Noah Mullinax on Guitar.

The past 2 years have been a roller coaster of events. From a quick winter tour with our good friends Chasing Morgan, to releasing our new EP, “New Hope” along with a music video for our song “Emma Watson Can Stupify Me Any Day”. A lot has
changed in a short amount of time. Not just our music but ourselves. We have come to respect out music and genre on a whole new level now. Sure, we want to put on a show everyone will remember, but along with good stage presence needs to be memorable music. Pop Punk isn’t a genre as much as it is a lifestyle. We hope to represent this genre or style the best we can through our music and our character off stage.

Random Holiday is putting more effort in music now than ever before combined. Our songs have messages we hope can really relate to people on a personal level. It’s finally time to prove to everyone here in Winchester, Front Royal, Stephens City, and even all the way up to Hagerstown that we don’t want to be just “some Garage Band” any more. I feel like if everyone truly gives this EP a chance and comes and sees us live, it’ll shock them at the difference a couple years has made.

Starting with our first show, a battle of the bands, placing first, to hoping that kids actually come to our shows, and now we have played in places like New York City, Harrisburg, and New Jersey. Things seem to be looking up and we thank everyone so much.

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