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Alec Chambers – Whole Again

The music industry – our industry – is undeniably cluttered; almost anyone with access to a Mac and the Internet can produce music, and as a result there’s so much “stuff” to choose from, that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to scour it all for favorites. Then again, sometimes an absolute gem […]

Natania – Box You Up

Natania has always been a strong supporter of our musicians family. A truly international artist, with roots in India and an education at Hollywood’s Musicians’ Institute on the West Coast of the USA, she has spent her early career carving out a distinct pop niche for herself. After her success with EP “Hope and Heartbreak” […]

Blackmore – Law of Time

I first came across Blackmore’s guitar maven Vahan Aslanyan being interviewed by Fish Pond family Dan and Anna Zerin on Entertainment Drive Thru. Coming across as a decent and unassuming stand-up guy, he explained the challenge of moving to the musicians melting pot of Los Angeles, and of flirting with producing and recording in addition […]

Burn the Ballroom – Melodies for the Outsiders

I first heard Alan Gant playing live as a solo artist in the Shenandoah Valley. My take – a super voice, great range of material, investing financially in a beautiful Taylor guitar, and an engaging personality.  Talking more, I found he’s one of that rare breed who is a full time musician.  I so much respect […]

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Impulse takes the audience on a sexy, seamless, high energy adventure.

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Reign Eternal

We are Reign Eternal, a band from mid-Devon.

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Steve Benjamins

Steve Benjamins makes downtempo indie pop that feels thoughtful and melancholic.

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