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Quiubo es Un mundo de grandes voces, e innumerables suevos, Un motivo para divertirse y cantar, Un espacio en la mente de los que se dejan tocar por la musica, Un concierto en donde se canta con emocion, Una mezcla de sonidos que salen del corazon. un super heroe que me cuide, que me de respiracion. Andres, Alejandra, Valeria, Ruben, Karen, Steeven, Andres, Cristian, y Nathalie 🙂 Quiubo!


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Ole Martin Volle

My name is Ole Martin Volle, and I’m from Sogndal, Norway. Born in 1991 so I’m turning 22 this year. I used to play in a band called “The Sex Vikings” but a few years back, the members of the band moved to different parts of Norway, and it was hard to keep practicing together.

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Hi! My name is Asano from Tokyo. I sing American pops and R&B. I’m planning to audition for an amateur night at Apollo theater. I wanna be a singer across the border to make everyone happy!

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Terra Naomi

With the recommitment to music and re-launch of her career, 2016 looks to be Terra Naomi’s most exciting year yet. And it’s only the beginning.

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