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Quiubo es Un mundo de grandes voces, e innumerables suevos, Un motivo para divertirse y cantar, Un espacio en la mente de los que se dejan tocar por la musica, Un concierto en donde se canta con emocion, Una mezcla de sonidos que salen del corazon. un super heroe que me cuide, que me de respiracion. Andres, Alejandra, Valeria, Ruben, Karen, Steeven, Andres, Cristian, y Nathalie 🙂 Quiubo!


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Sonya Titus

Houston-born and worldly-wise, Sonya Titus has lived in Australia, Norway, America, New Zealand, and now, London, UK. Her tracks are heavily-influenced by the multicultural shifting she has experienced whilst growing up. Reoccurring themes of self-worth and purpose, individuality, and ultimately love, acceptance, and celebration of humanity are at the heart of Sonya’s music.

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Eddy Faulkner

I’m a solo artist from Arlington, VA. My music is Pop music with influence from a wide range of different artists.

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Last Day Kiss

Last Day Kiss is a two person band from Boston, MA consisting of singer/songwriter Ashley Sonlin and guitarist/producer Juan Carreno. Get our original EP on iTunes here. Here’s their latest video: You can find a review on Last Day Kiss’s EP here

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