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Stereolizza is an urban pop/dance group. The core of the group is Lizza – lead singer and songwriter; and AlecZero – songwriter, record producer, multi-instrumentalist. “X.Y.Z.”, the first single from “X-amine Your Zippa” album that made the group popular in 2006, remained on top of
charts of Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish radio stations (Europa Plus, Europa FM, Hit FM, Gala Radio, Radio NRJ, Prosto Radio, ESKA, RMF FM and other).

Stereolizza’s music videos “X.Y.Z.”, “Corporate Logic”,“When You Are Here” were aired on central entertainment TV channels like M1, O-TV, MTV, New Channel, STB in Ukraine, TVP-1, TVP-2, Polsat, MTV in Poland, International Music Feed in the USA, etc.

In 2006 the band’s debut album was released. In the same year Stereolizza was selected by the Black Eyed Peas management to open for the B.E.P. at the Palace of Sports in Ukraine.

Stereolizza’s songs also were soundtracks for the following movies and TV shos: “Hello, I’m Your Daddo!” (“Здрасьте, я ваше папо!») (TV series, MTV Russia), “Wild Men” «Дикари» (Feature Film, Russia), “Moonlight Show” Episode 11 (TV series, CBS, U.S.A.), “The Side Order of Life” (TV show, Lifetime, U.S.A.), «Forever Strong» feature film, U.S.A.).

In 2008 the band moved from Europe to Los Angeles, now finishing the recording of their new album now.

On March 8, 2012 Stereolizza released a new song – “Carousel”, the first single from the band’s upcoming EP. Written and produced by the the lead singer Lizza and Alec Zero, “Carousel” is a juicy cocktail of pop, dance and electro vibes, creating a good mood and making the world spin around you.
“It’s all about the dance of relationships; it’s very sexy and provocative,” – Lizza says.

The visual part of Carousel – its cover art – was created by a worldrenowned graphic designer from Brazil Adhemas Batista. The track received an award from Malopolskie TV as Best Summer Hit of 2012.
Four months later a Swedish house label Clubstream pink released Stereolizza’s Carousel Club EPwith
remixes from Inossi, DJ S1 and U4Ya.

Go Back To Your Mama – another recent track from the band. Stereolizza continues to work in the style of urban pop, keeping their “hook” from the times of X.Y.Z. – aggressive verses and melodic choruses, but this time adding some elements of house music.

Go Back To Your Mama music video was shot in Los Angeles and Lancaster, California. Scouting for shooting locations for the music video, Lizza and AlecZero came across a lonely church in Mojave Desert and met with its Minister, Oscar Castaneda. He told the story of the Calvary Baptist Church – it was that Hi Vista church where Quentin Tarantino shot the wedding scene for “Kill Bill”.

Stereolizza were looking for a trailer for one of the scenes of the music video, and Oscar showed them an old bus parked his back yard for many years – that’s where the opening scene for the music video was shot. It turned out Oscar had another exact same bus, but Tarantino bought him back in times and blew it up during his famous “Kill Bill” shoot.

The song has been released in Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, and Greece; the releases in Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg are slated for April 2013.

For more detailed information and press inquiries please contact:
Sasha Goldberg PR
Tel. 310-432-3474


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