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Nevruary : [nev-rū-air-ee] 1 : A Los Angeles band, fully formed in 2013, consisting of Jem Long (Vox, Keys, Guitar), Josh Pryer (Guitar, Synths, BG Vox), Cal-El Pryer (Bass), & David Myers (Drums). 2 : A style of music best described as alternative pop rhythm & rock. 3 : A future that will never come to pass.

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My name is Peter Lyberth and I am from greenland I am a music producer and I have released 3 albums under my artist name Peand-eL (all of them are on iTunes). I work in concept themed albums.

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Blackmore is an alternative modern metal band that formed in the later months of 2012 in Los Angeles.

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Nemorospo is a indie singer/songwriter, making pop/rock/alternative music from Paris, France.

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Rusty was born in San Diego, CA on - well, he's old. Andrea was born in San Francisco, some years later.

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Maria Bohm

Born 1984 in a small town outside of Gothenburg, Sweden, Maria found herself drawn to the piano very early, as well as singing and listening to a great variety of music.

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