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Blackmore is an alternative modern metal band that formed in the later months of 2012 in Los Angeles.

After playing with several bands with many lineup changes, guitarists Shaunt Sulahian and Jack Heldt began writing material with drummer Vinny Mezian. The group then joined forces with Full Force Rising bass player David Dadoyan. The 4 members clicked immediately, creating an unstoppable array of music ranging from psychedelic rock to groove metal. After creating a sufficient amount of new material, they began their search for a front-man that would be able to take them to the next level. Several auditions later, the group found vocalist Adrian Barrios who perfectly encompassed and evolved the groups sound to greater heights.

“This LA band is Alternative Metal, Hard Rock, & Progressive Rock all rolled into one. This was the first time I have seen this band and it won’t be the last. Their set was tight and their sound reminded me of Sabbath.”
Melissa & Wes Anderson of Rockwell Unscene

Flash forward to November of 2013 and group gains the remarkable skills Vahan Aslanyan, replacing Jack Heldt on guitars. The band is currently in preparation to record their first full-length EP with multi-instrumentalist and the exceptionally talented producer Sonny Mayo, formerly of (Snot, Sevendust, Hed PE, AMEN) and currently with long time rockers Ugly Kid Joe. The band expects to see a release date in early 2014, in hopes to follow a summer tour.

Read more on their website here.

Here’s a teaser for their upcoming “Law of Time” EP, due to be released in 2014.

You can subscribe to their YouTube channel here.


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