Revolution at the Zephyr – Ocean Meets Land

With a strong combination of rock, electric sounds, and musicianship comes the band; Revolution at the Zephyr. They describe their sound as atmospheric yet powerful, with layered electric and acoustic guitars, coupled with modern and inventive percussion. Naming just a few inspirations from many; the earth, the sea and the beauty of surrounding life, helps make their songs filled with creativity and raw inspiration.

revolution at the zephyr

Formed in 2011, the core musicians of the group; Dale Cross, Ian Salpekar, Will Glover and Nikki Glover have created their own genre – Surfer/Rock – and have completely run with it. In their song ‘Gethesmane’ you will hear a sound unlike any other. Starting off with a soft intro of snare drum-rhythmn, finger picking guitar, and eccentric sounds, your headphones will fill with a memorable experience. Once the first verse slides in, I’m reminded a bit of some things Prince has done with songs. Heavily laden with voice effects; lead singer Will, brings out a slight metal edge in their style with his voice. And once the tempo picks up, the song goes into full swing.

On another contrasting note comes; ‘Sunshine and Flowers’ a similar feel, referring to the the thread of their style; it’s distantly Revolution at the Zephyr. The tune is filled with a steady head-banging tick and electric guitar riffs, giving the audience a power-packed journey into the depths of their musical fusion.

“When sunshine and flowers combine
it’s a powerful, spiritual and wonderful life
with home and life and all that it tells on this roller coaster ride”

Ultimately the group plays music for the pure joy and adrenaline rush that comes hand in hand with performing. To understand Revolution at the Zephyr you have to understand where their musical drive stems from. Playing with the contrasting sides of dark and light, life and death, breathing and drowning, they strive to capture something as untouchable as a possibility, and discuss it in lyrical form. It’s something more than interesting to think on, and they clearly demonstrate that in their style and ability to create music that reflects what their hearts want to hear, free from commercial restraint or opinionated direction.

To sum it all up, I will quote the band; “where the ocean meets the land …that is where the drama is played out.”

You can hear more from Revolution at the Zephyr here.

By Pranam Bai Richter
Singer/Songwriter, The Richter Sisters
Head of Global Publicity, the Fish Pond


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