One World; One Family; One Musical Heartbeat

We are so grateful to be welcoming so many new artists to the Fish Pond, and congratulating so many established Fish Pond musicians on their EPs, albums, and new singles. Your hard work never goes unnoticed, and it is our privilege to review, support and watch you grow on your musical journey here at The Fish Pond.

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Since the relaunch of the official Global Musicians Fish Pond website on 11th January 2013, we have grown tremendously; more than we could have imagined in these few short weeks. We have welcomed an intake from Berklee in Boston, Hollywood Musicians Institute in LA (and thanks to our Hollywood based family for making David so welcome in February 2013); additionally some great experienced artists such as Gregg Wright (formerly guitarist for Michael Jackson), Josh Doyle (former lead singer of the Dum Dums and winner of Guitar Center’s Singer/Songwriter of the Year 2012), Margo Rey, Stereolizza, Queen Caveat (ABC’s Sunset Boulevard), Marci Geller, Voices of Prayze (Jason Mraz), and most recently Ron Pope (“A Drop in the Ocean”).

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The Fish Pond is truly a family, and there is no judgement here; helpful criticism yes, but everyone is looked upon as an equal, and hopefully as an inspiration to everyone else. Whether you’re an established musician releasing your album, or a budding artist wetting your musical toes for the first time, the Fish Pond offers opportunities to expand your horizons in a growth-full way, and aid you in reaching your highest potential.

It is important to the Fish Pond that we LIVE the mantra; One World; One Family; One Musical Heartbeat, and not make empty promises. When we welcome new artists to the Pond, it is with a family attitude, and we will be there through thick and thin to support that musician in fulfilling their dreams. Though we cannot be responsible for someones success in the music industry, we try our best to help each one and each other along in the best way that we can.

It goes without saying that whenever new opportunities arrive, other things must shift so everything can find room. So as we welcome so much new talent to the Pond, it becomes harder to give full and complete attention to each individual. That’s why we encourage you to look to one another to find that same support. We are all your family, and when you open up to the musicians that surround you, you may be surprised by what you find. After all, we all have similar dreams; to share our message with the world. Global Musicians Fish Pond is about bringing our community, our family, together; globally.

With a growing list of opportunities for you to take part in; here are a few to recognize we offer;

(1) Reviews on; bands, EPs, singles, albums, musicians, like this.
(2) Promotion for; live performances, tours, new releases, music videos, like this.
(3) Interviews for you to use as a resource, like this.

As a musician, we encourage you to recognize that these resources are valuable, and when you have received a review, promotion, publicity, or other resource from the Fish Pond, we ask you to do your part by sharing and promoting the Fish Pond in equal return. Overall we are growing together; with each other, let’s do all we can to support this global family to all the success we can achieve.

Here are a few things you as a musician can do to make the most of the resource you have at your fingertips by being a part of Global Musicians Fish Pond;

(1) Share your review on your personal social media sites
(2) Invite and encourage fans/family/friends to support Global Musicians Fish Pond
(3) Promote other Fishes’ posts to family/fans/friends, to gather more attention and support
(4) Listen to your fellow Fishes’ music and support their musical journey

We would like to offer this to every musician; understand that we will have to be somewhat selective on which musicians we are able to review but know, we will always support in every way we can.

Stay interactive with the Fish Pond, because in the very near future we will be introducing some incentives to members of the Pond. As a family, we are growing, welcoming more and more musicians, and will need the support of listeners in order to make our mission a success. In order to bring benefits to everyone, we will need supporters and fans that will purchase the music you and your fellow Fishes create, and share the wealth of talent with others. Together we can build a huge fan base, because as a family we deserve it. Together we can change the world. Together.

With our support always, and welcoming your input and energy.

One World; One Family; One Musical Heartbeat.

David Mark Smith, My Lucky Fish, and Founder, The Fish Pond
Pranam Bai Richer, The Richter Sisters, and Head of Global Publicity, The Fish Pond

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