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Maria Vanedi

The music at home was always playing, and was an expression of passion for Maria Vanedi from her childhood in Neiva (Colombia) where she was born in 1982. Based in Bogota since 2000, she began studies in industrial design, but her love of music was stronger.

She spent 8 years as a professional singer on the music scene in Colombia, and as a writer of music for theater and television. She has played shows with Colombian musicians like Fonseca, Margarita Rosa de Francisco, Maia, and Naty Botero y Camilo Echeverri.

With her great 10 soundcloud tracks on self-titled album, we are very proud to have Maria as a pioneer of the Fish Pond en Espanol, and hope to see more musicians from Latin America joining us soon!


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Sonya Titus

Houston-born and worldly-wise, Sonya Titus has lived in Australia, Norway, America, New Zealand, and now, London, UK. Her tracks are heavily-influenced by the multicultural shifting she has experienced whilst growing up. Reoccurring themes of self-worth and purpose, individuality, and ultimately love, acceptance, and celebration of humanity are at the heart of Sonya’s music.

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Alexis Barreto

I love to smile and laugh and live life to the fullest; I’m a happy, loving, and jubilant person; which of course, is a major plus 🙂

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