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Indie rock dreampop nugaze postpunk cocktail. Uplifting vibes, rich layered soundscapes & sublime resonanc

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Forged in the pits of hell circa early 2013, The Immigrants list their interests as "making a fuck load of noise."

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The Watanabes

The Watanabes are an international indie folk pop band performing and recording in Tokyo, fronted by two British brothers on guitar and vocals, an American keyboardist and a Japanese rhythm section.

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The Agency

It's all been a long time in the making and includes contributions from all sorts of people. Songs written by Steven K Driver with help from Garry Cosgrove, MyExitMusic, Fonzerelli and Jim Ward to start but it is a sprawling and ever changing beast.

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Hollie April

Hollie April is a 22 year-old British singer-songwriter. Born and raised in Gibraltar, she began performing professionally at the age of 12. She is a recent graduate from Leeds College of Music with a BA(Hons) in Music Production.

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Mary Joanna and the Southern Electrikk

Mary Joanna & The Southern Electrikk, fronted by the enigmatic Mary Joanna Coogan are a unique blend of dark synths, biting guitars and gritty bass lines interlaced with Mary’s soft yet irresistibly sinister vocals.

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-kosoti- are a fresh, upcoming & unsigned, six piece folk/pop group based in the North East of England, UK.

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The Slow Readers Club

The Slow Readers Club are a Manchester based indie /electro band whose music ranges from upbeat indie to angry, introspective downbeat ballads.

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BOYS are a lo-fi dream pop band from West London who formed in 2013 to pass some time on a rainy day, but something happened when Ross Pearce (vocals/synth), Mike Stothard (guitar/production) and Daniel Heffernon (bass) began to play together.

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