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Ummagma is a Canadian-Ukrainian duo delivering an eclectic yet harmonious potpourri of sublime resonance, beats and rhythm.

Full kaleidoscope of sounds, harmonies and musical instruments… the result is massive with an intricate fabric

~~ Rolling Stone Russia

Ummagma began in 2003 when Alexx Kretov (Ukraine) and Shauna McLarnon (Canada) met in Moscow. Ummagma debuted with 2 LPs (‘Antigravity’ and ‘Ummagma’) in 2012, released the “Split” EP on Som Non-Label in May 2014 and the “Rotation/Live and Let Die” single on Germany’s Emerald & Doreen Recordings in December 2013, followed by the ‘Lama’ LP in late May 2014.

Ummagma won the 2013 Alternative Eurovision hosted by Amazing Radio, representing Ukraine from 21 countries, and picked up 2 awards at the Australian Independent Music Video Awards. This duo has regularly featured in The Scottish New Music Chart and NYC’s Indie Darkroom Chart, and has figured among top releases in various ‘best of’ lists for the past two years.

McLarnon’s delicate airy gossamer-like vocals are often compared to Liz Fraser (Cocteau Twins) with glimmers of Stereolab, The Sundays, Curve, Nathalie Merchant and Slowdive. Kretov’s spellbinding potion of guitar, vocals, synths, beats, programming & effects create impeccable soundscapes with elements of Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Bill Nelson and Brian Eno to help the listener take flight.

Ummagma is currently based in Whitehorse, Yukon.

Check out more from Ummagma at their website, Facebook Page, BandCamp, or their Twitter Feed.

You’ll find the video to “Kiev” right here: