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Revolution at the Zephyr

We are an acoustic / alternative rock band based on the Isle of Wight, Great Britain. Our songs are written about our influences and lifestyle as surfers and musicians.

The music we create seeks to explore the personal journey of those searching for an alternative way. Our songs acknowledge thrill seeking adrenaline junkies, pioneering skateboarders and the revolutionary and free spirited minds…both on our wall and in us all.

Atmospheric yet powerful, layered electric and acoustic guitars coupled with modern and inventive percussion drive our tracks. Solid and melodic bass underpins our sound, creative keyboards and piano finish this eclectic mix! As a group with embrace the modern sampling techniques and use these with subtle effect to bring an up to date feel to what we do, be it atmospheric sounds, recorded speech or vocal over dubs.
As a group of musicians we share the vision for our songs. We create the music we want to hear, free from commercial restraint or monographic direction, and if others find the sounds we make pleasing we are happy. If they do not… We are happy.

Oxygen is life. To be held underwater, unable to take a breath invokes our most primal fear. Drowning, either literally, or metaphorically causes us as human beings to do one of two things.
Lay quietly in the darkness and accept your fate… Or… Fight with every fibre of your being to return to that place promising life giving air.

Something may look like paradise… But you must always guard against the possibility of there being a dark and unforgiving side.
The serenity of an empty beach at sunrise promises much but you must guard against the dangerous currents that stalk us from the day we are born. Either may await, but if we never look, we will never see. There is a pulse in the ocean and in your veins.

Where the ocean meets the land…that is where the drama is played out.


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