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Matthew Cook

Matthew Cook is a jazz musician/multi-instrumentalist and producer. Matthew released his first official single on March 31st of 2013. It’s entitled Soul Music. It’s based off of a keyboard track that had been laid down on a recording far before it was put to use. Matthew revisited the track, and fleshed it out into the smooth jazz sound it is now.

Next up was the release of his premiere album/EP on May 1st, 2013. Entitled “Atmosphere”, it strays a little bit further from jazz and delves into the genres of downtempo and trip-hop instrumentals. This EP features four very different atmospheric instrumental hip-hop tracks derived from original samples. Matthew’s inspiration to delve into the genre of instrumental hip-hop came from listening to artists such as Damu the Fudgemunk. One thing that’s different about Matthew’s sound is that it strays away from heavily relying on vinyl samples. It is more based on clean sounding samples created on the spot, with all but the most exotic instrument samples being played my Matthew himself.

All of the music mentioned above is available through his website as well as iTunes and Bandcamp