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Tom Oswald – Red Dragon Records

I am an entrepreneur, an avid photographer and enjoy shooting. I have spent the best part of my life finding and exploiting business opportunities and have been involved in a huge variety of ventures. Ranging from simple flower selling and vending machine companies when I was 16. To owning my own car tuning business at 18 and developing the world’s only cold sterilisation system for beer lines when I was 21 (www.osmaticsystems.com) and going on from this to develop the world’s fastest pint dispensing system for Scottish Courage. Then moving on to developing robotic handling systems for open path laser spectroscopy systems, and finally ending up where I am now which is in the music business! I now have a midsized independent record label (www.reddragonrecords.com) a radio station that pulls in 250,000 listener minutes a month (www.acoustic-spectrum.co.uk) as well as our own gig booking team (worldwide) and we are finally about to launch the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle… A music download site for musicians where they can be paid in a matter of hours after a sale. Also not to forget that the site is usable in every country in the world through mobile payment systems so this site will hit 200 million people that cannot use itunes!!

Under the media group previously mentioned we can supply a huge amount of services, from simply hosting your music on our sites and distributing it digitally (which allows a far larger amount of people to find it!) To full on PR services, radio air play and even CD manufacturing. Our group is tied into a huge amount of companies, radio stations, festivals and digital media outlets worldwide allowing for exposure in the millions (our social media alone hits 3.3 million impressions per week on average)

If you have any questions, business opportunities or would just like a chat then feel free to contact us at info@reddragonrecords.com.

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