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Blue Soap Music PR and Plugging

BLUE SOAP is a radio plugging company established in 1999 and one of the excellent contacts who recommend bands for the Fish Pond family.

Instrumental in launching Elbow, I Am Kloot and Tompaulin, Blue Soap progressed to become a purveyor of independent artists including Jim Reid of The Jesus & Mary Chain, Mogwai, The Walkmen, Stephin Merritt, My Morning Jacket, Goldblade, Kings Have Long Arms and many other independent artists.

The team have worked across all sectors of the music industry from the live scene to record labels, local independent stations to national radio brands. They’ve amassed a collective fifty years experience and established an enviable network of contacts, ensuring Blue Soap is one of the most respected and successful radio plugging and PR companies in the UK.

They took the name ‘Blue Soap’ from the b-side of The Associates’ single ‘Message Oblique Speech’. As admirers of both Billy Mackenzie and his unique and maverick approach to music, they took inspiration from his ethos. It summed up what they wanted to achieve.

Their mission is to champion the underground of great but often overlooked artists who are striving to get heard in a world dominated by corporate labels and media.

You’ll find their website here or contact them at info@bluesoapmusic.com. You an also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Some of the current bands on their roster are:

The Inkhearts
Hooton Tennis Club
The Phantoms
Postcards From Jeff
The Talks
The Sons
The Shy Lips
Ring Ring Rouge
Jake Evans
The Hertz Complex
Band of Holy Joy
Tree Dwellers

Stream them on Soundcloud here. Have a listen to “Relic” by The Sons here.

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James Moore – Independent Music Promotions

James Moore is the author of “Your Band Is A Virus”, founder of the “music with depth” movement, and recently appeared on Entertainment Drive-Thru with Dan and Anna Zerin. An ethical promoter with a great belief in personal relationships and no short-cuts, his website Independent Music Promotions is the go-to if you want good honest advice about making the best of your music.

About Independent Music Promotion

Welcome to the “music with depth” movement. Independent Music Promotions is a DIY music promotion company focusing exclusively on music with depth worldwide. Once we choose an artist, we guarantee results (see our “social proof” section for direct examples). Our results can be Googled and our reputation speaks for itself.

I.M.P’s campaigns are all run by James Moore, author of the best-selling “Your Band Is A Virus” music marketing book series. His work, most notably his “Can We Get In Pitchfork?” piece, has become one of the most shared pieces on Music Think Tank, having been spread by the likes of Reverbnation, CDBaby, the Lefsetz Letter, the Indie Bible, Indie-music.com, DIY Daily and Buzzsonic.com.

James Moore and Independent Music Promotions have been featured in many publications including Vandala Magazine, Antimusic, CDBaby, The Ripple Effect, Dotted Music, Evolver.fm, Music Think Tank, Hypebot, IAE Magazine, Think Like A Label, and Alancross.ca.

To read more about our story and mission, please view our press release here.

You can contact James Moore directly at his mail address, james@independentmusicpromotions.com.

Read more on their website here.

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