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Joe Solo

Joe Solo is a producer, musician, and composer, who has worked with Fergie, Michael Jackson, and Macy Gray amongst many more, and shares his wisdom through NAMM and many other conventions. To help aspiring professionals, Joe founded The Music Success Workshop. The website is an excellent resource which gives you access to short video “nuggets” to further your career in the music business.

Get Joe’s FREE Music Success Video Nuggets & Tips here: www.joesolo.com

Says Joe:

“Get my weekly 3-minute success videos and tip sheets to get creative, marketing, & music industry information you won’t find anywhere else – it’ll help you move ahead and break through. Each Nugget is self-contained and gives you knowledge you can use RIGHT NOW to accelerate your music career and help you get the recognition your music deserves.”

Nuggets and Tips include:

– Market Your Music . . . From Anywhere!
– Gain Industry Access
– The Most Important Piece of Studio Gear
– Just 500 Die Hard Fans And You Can Quit Your Day Job
– How To Get A Record Deal – And Why You Might Not Care
– Your Unique Positioning – Stand Out In The Crowd
– How to get Endorsements & Publicity
– The Psychology of Producing Hit Songs
– Songwriting For Universal Appeal
– Get Your Music Heard by the Right People
– Get Global Distribution For Your Music
– How Great Production Makes All The Difference – Before & After Samples
– Multi-Dimensional Dynamic Juxtaposition – Hold Your Listener’s Interest
– Get Yourself A Music Industry Mentality
– Money – Where You Make The Most In Music

– – – and many, many more

You can sign up for these nuggets here at www.joesolo.com

His music production website is also a great resource, which you can find here.

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Matt Kabus

My name is Matt Kabus. I’m a dedicated songwriter, producer, vocal coach, musician, certified Pro Tools / Logic engineer, and overall positively spirited music guy based out of Los Angeles, CA.

A little background for ya- My music began at an early age with piano as the foundation. It then escalated during high school as I rocked out with various garage rock and jazz bands. I also started interning at a number of recording studios including DARP and M-Studio Atlanta in Atlanta, Ga. After paying my dues as a studio intern, I moved up as an assistant engineer on sessions across the board in regards to genres. Then college rolled around, in which I trained vocally under Jan Smith (vocal coach for Rob Thomas, Usher, Justin Bieber, etc.) and wrote songs that caught industry attention. While studying Music Business, Music Theory, and Advertising at The University of Georgia, I toured with some internationally acclaimed artists, continued recording/producing, and picked up many mentors along the way. After college graduation, I took a job in film/tv music placement in Santa Monica, CA, and started building a growing list of artists, advertising agencies and publishing companies I currently write and/or produce songs for. Songs I’ve written and/or produced have charted on iTunes top 20 lists, been placed on TV shows, used in TV commercials, and have earned great reviews from various sources including The Fish Pond!

I believe that the connection between the producer and musician/s is the most critical part of creating music. Although I find myself working a great deal with acoustic and indie artists, I’ve also had success spanning from orchestral scores to electronic dance music and everything in between. That being said, I know where my strengths are and won’t hesitate to refer you to another producer if I feel that he or she would better serve the song at hand. I’m very close with the producer/engineer community in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Nashville. I will always put the quality of the song and satisfaction of the artist first.

I own my own studio in Santa Monica and also produce with King Recorders in Hollywood Hills as well as other great studios around Los Angeles. I make sure to select a room that works best for the artist in terms of recording equipment, room sound, and overall feel. Artist comfort in the studio (even just the vocal booth) does wonders for bringing out his or her best performance!

When you work with me, you not only get a producer/engineer, you also gain my professional vocal coaching and proven production methods I’ve both created and picked up from some of the best in the industry to make your tracks shine! As a songwriter, I am happy to provide guidance with lyrics and/or music progressions when asked.

Overall, my focus is to establish a comfortable and creative synergy with the artist, bring out his or her best performance, and deliver radio ready music that aligns with the artist’s intentions. I take pride in the morals/values I follow when practicing my craft and am dedicated to deliver artist satisfaction. More importantly, I’m happy to say that I’ve created lasting musical friendships with the artists I’ve worked with and look forward to creating new ones!

Welcome to the Fish Pond!

Matt is an amazing singer songwriter who puts out some exemplary quality work, and you can listen to him here:

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