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Bobby Borg

Bobby Borg’s career features writing, performance, and recording highlights from Warrant, Beggars & Thieves, and Left for Dead, creating a huge portfolio of skills and credits in recent years and sharing with thousands of other musicians, most notably as a well-respected industry author.

Some of his work well worth a mention are books Business Basics for Musicians, Music Marketing for the DIY Musician, and the Five Star Music Makeover. Also, check out his new video series on Groove3 called DIY Music Marketing.

A former international major label, independent, and DIY recording/touring artist with over 25 years experience working alongside the most respected musicians, songwriters, managers, producers, A&R executives, equipment manufacturers, tour agents, attorneys, and business managers in the music industry.

A recipient of UCLA Extension’s Distinguished Instructor of the Year Award, Borg teaches DIY music marketing, music publishing, and general music business classes both online and on-campus at UCLA.  He is the founder of Bobby Borg Consulting, where he helps global music business professionals turn their art into a more successful business.

Bobby also holds a degree in Professional Music from Berklee College of Music, certificates in Marketing, Project Management, and Instructor Development from UCLA, and he is currently working toward a Masters in Communications Management (MCM) at the University of Southern California Annenberg School.

He lives in Los Angeles. For more information visit www.bobbyborg.com.

You can also check out one of his instructional videos right here.

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Joe Solo

Joe Solo is a producer, musician, and composer, who has worked with Fergie, Michael Jackson, and Macy Gray amongst many more, and shares his wisdom through NAMM and many other conventions. To help aspiring professionals, Joe founded The Music Success Workshop. The website is an excellent resource which gives you access to short video “nuggets” to further your career in the music business.

Get Joe’s FREE Music Success Video Nuggets & Tips here: www.joesolo.com

Says Joe:

“Get my weekly 3-minute success videos and tip sheets to get creative, marketing, & music industry information you won’t find anywhere else – it’ll help you move ahead and break through. Each Nugget is self-contained and gives you knowledge you can use RIGHT NOW to accelerate your music career and help you get the recognition your music deserves.”

Nuggets and Tips include:

– Market Your Music . . . From Anywhere!
– Gain Industry Access
– The Most Important Piece of Studio Gear
– Just 500 Die Hard Fans And You Can Quit Your Day Job
– How To Get A Record Deal – And Why You Might Not Care
– Your Unique Positioning – Stand Out In The Crowd
– How to get Endorsements & Publicity
– The Psychology of Producing Hit Songs
– Songwriting For Universal Appeal
– Get Your Music Heard by the Right People
– Get Global Distribution For Your Music
– How Great Production Makes All The Difference – Before & After Samples
– Multi-Dimensional Dynamic Juxtaposition – Hold Your Listener’s Interest
– Get Yourself A Music Industry Mentality
– Money – Where You Make The Most In Music

– – – and many, many more

You can sign up for these nuggets here at www.joesolo.com

His music production website is also a great resource, which you can find here.

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Ricky Furr

I am a recordist, a mixer, a musician, an educator, and a general audio addict. I have over 8 years of experience in the audio industry and I am ready for 80 more. While I am equally comfortable in the studio and on the stage (or backstage), I have a true passion for the recording arts and an ambition to create the perfect sound for an artist’s song and vision.

I offer a wide variety of audio services, including:

– Recording
– Mixing
– Mastering
– Audio Instruction
– Custom Drum Tracks via the Web

Here’s an example of my work with My Lucky Fish:

Special discounts available for Fishpond members! Please contact me to discuss details.

Email: ricky.furr@gmail.com
Twitter: @rickyfurr
Facebook: www.facebook.com/rickyfurr

More About Ricky

My interest in music sparked fairly early. I was fascinated by the drums. The pulse. The beat. It just… spoke to me. I knew right away I wanted to be a part of that. My parents were always very encouraging of my sister and I, but I was at an age where interests change like the seasons, and there was no point spending money on a drum set if I was just going to decide the next week that what I really wanted to do was lion taming. So they bought me a pair of sticks and a practice pad. I used those sticks to beat on everything. Except, of course, the practice pad.

I taught myself how to play by watching other drummers, hearing the sounds each piece made, then comparing the sounds to what I was hearing on albums. Then I would practice by “air drumming” to those albums. Little did I know, I was not only learning how to play, but I was also learning how to critically listen, a skill that now comes in very handy.

I kept teaching myself how to play drums, finally beginning formal lessons toward the end of high school, but another interest began to sneak its way into the forefront of my mind. An interest I later came to know as ‘Professional Audio’.

I knew I wanted to have a career in music, but I also wanted to continue my education (in case becoming a rock star didn’t work out). As I began looking into college majors, I focused on music degrees, but I wanted something with more to offer than a basic performance degree. When I found the Music Production degree at Shenandoah University, I was immediately drawn to it.

I fell in love with recording my very first semester at college in an intro-level recording class. I began gaining experience recording and mixing in classes, live sound, electronics repair, and so much more. I began putting my developing skills to use by recording my band and friends’ bands.

Before I knew it, four years had flown by and I had gained a significant amount of knowledge and experience in the audio field. I had several recordings under my belt, and even had the chance to mix for some pretty significant artists. I suppose I had proven myself fairly well, because  Shenandoah University asked me to stay on as a lab instructor. I’ve been teaching there ever since.

In addition to teaching, I’ve been recording, producing, mixing, and mastering music of many different styles. I’ve recorded voice overs for international radio stations. I currently run sound for several bands (including the Souled Out band, a well-known dance band based in Winchester, VA) and my church. I’ve even done system installs. So I’m more than prepared to take on whatever task comes my way.

Here are two more examples of my work, these are demo reels with Souled Out and Ghost Children:

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