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Classic Violin Shop; it began when our nephew, 11 years of age, and considered a very good student in Paris, was going to buy his first full size violin. The funds that was required for a proper instrument was simply not available, and a good instrument was really needed in order to give the young man some inspiration that would make him continue play, rather than being drawn into “cooler” things. Don’t misunderstand; there is plenty of space for other interests in our family such as football, snowboarding and good movies, -but we are trying to influence our kids to do a bit more

We had talked to luthiers in Europe, and searched for old instruments, but to get anything of the quality we were looking for below 10.000 Euros seemed impossible. We had read about instruments of good value made in China but it seemed impossible to go there to choose an instrument. Really, -where do you start looking? In a country with 1, 3 billion people!?!

It was then, coincidently, that a good friend of the family, a violinist, among the very best in Northern-Europe, was going to China to perform with an orchestra. We decided to tag along, and to use our Chinese contacts to connect us to small group of good violin makers. The one manufacturer we selected was a company with only 6 employees, who produce string instruments of several qualities, some of which we now regularly have in stock.

Once back home, we took the nephews handpicked violin to a German luthier who upgraded the strings, added a new bridge, and gave the instrument a general check up. The luthier could not believe what he saw, felt and heard. The level of craftsmanship, and the soul that had obviously been put into making the instrument, with the high quality wood and the clear and strong sound, changed this violin maker’s view on Chinese instruments forever. After the personalized service makeover in Germany, our professional violinist-friend also swears that the instrument equaled any handmade European violin costing 3-4 times the price in a blind listening test. One night he invited two other violinists for the sole purpose of trying it out! One of them immediately ordered an instrument for herself, she became or first client and our little mission had begun.

We have started this work out of interest, and it is in no way going to replace the daytime-job which is raising our family. Our idea is to share the experience with others. We are distributing such a small number of instruments so that we are able to follow the three step success story that set the whole thing off;

1.Each instrument is personally handpicked at the manufacturer’s premises in China. Our relationship with the master luthier (who is educated in Italy) is something that we cherish.

2.The make over by our European luthier improves the instrument, and acts as additional quality control.

3.Our wish is to get to know you through email, in order to help you get the violin or viola that you are looking for. We also insist that you return the instrument within the first month if you are not happy. The only thing we do not want; is to make you unhappy.

Our Mission is to provide high value, personalized instruments, at sensible prices. We shall contribute to the inspiration of young and old musicians alike, -professional and amateur, by making these instruments available through a trust-based hand-over process.