Natania Lalwani – The Letter

With a successful EP; ‘Hope and Heartbreak’ released in 2012, a growing following of her music, and a vocal style all her own; Natania Lalwani releases another stellar single and its official music video titled ‘The Letter’, set to air on VH1 shortly. Making the bold decision to relocate to Los Angeles CA when she was 19, Natania began sharing her musical gift with the world. She fuses charming and witty lyrics with beautiful guitar work to create songs that are true to herself yet easily understood to the listening ear. Her personality is present in every song, and it will take you but the second repeat of the chorus to find yourself singing along to any one of her songs.

Natania-the letter

Her most recent published work; ‘The Letter’ is a reflection of the best of Natania Lalwani, introduced with all the tenderness of a love song turned sad with heartbreak and emotion. Starting off with a beautiful intro of finger-picked guitar, Natania’s voice plays across the notes, gently caressing the melody into life. Musically the song builds slowly; adding to the rhythm with tasteful drums and a short guitar solo almost hidden within the blend. Although by the second verse the complexity of the instrumental side has increased; her voice still lays just above the music with as much affection as at the start of the first verse. This songs’ impact doesn’t come from screeching guitar solos, high octave notes, or massive rhythm builds; it comes purely from the raw emotion that’s sung in every note. The lyrics themselves are cleverly written; with the playfulness you will come to expect from Natania, and the honesty you will have to empathize with, she holds nothing back.

“Now that you’re gone and I’m growing
I can finally see that
You were the ocean
And no matter how hard I swim
I’ll never make it past your wave”

The song reaches it’s peak in the bridge; a guitar solo rings out, adding flavor and a signature moment that creates the perfect setting for a slight drop off into the final round of the chorus. Easily familiar at this point, it won’t be hard for you to sing along; completely lost in the moment she has created with her lyrics…

“I’ll write you a letter
Put it away
Maybe December’s when I’ll send it away
Maybe by next year, things would’ve changed
Cause I’ll be better
And you’ll be better
For me”

The song leaves you lingering on the last phrase; “and you’ll be better” …almost daring you to listen to it again. There’s something that’s somewhat familiar about this song, that most likely anyone can relate to; things left unsaid, people changing, love lost then found again. It is, I feel, a credit to Natania as a songwriter to take a risk and become so vulnerable and open when she sings, because she knows that’s how musical connection is really made.

The music video is very well produced, and contains the imagery to match the emotions and essence of the song. A solid piece of digital artwork, Natania is off to a strong start to a more-than promising career.

By Pranam Bai Richter
Singer/Songwriter, The Richter Sisters
Head of Global Publicity, the Fish Pond

You can watch the video right here:


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