My Lucky Fish – Best Thing

Straight off the East Coast, with roots in Britain, Canada, and the USA, comes My Lucky Fish with their first album “Best Thing.”


A working progress for a full 15 months, major efforts were put into this album. Without question, it all paid off in obvious skill and craftsmanship of every track. From catchy pop/funk track; Bother Me, to soft ballad; Catch Me When I Fall. Dynamite vocals come from both male lead; David Smith (also on guitar) and female lead Rachael Schoellen (also on piano).

Their album-titled song Best Thing is a combination of jazzy flavor and funky groove. With beautiful harmonies from female vocal; Rachael Schoellen and male vocal; David Smith, Best Thing is a perfect blend of skilled musical arrangements and lyrical style. Starting off with a drum roll, the song comes in full force with energy. A steady foot-tapping rhythm throughout, with a steady build into the chorus, creates a signature song you won’t forget. A sudden pause in the second verse wouldn’t seem that significant, but it adds the perfect touch, proving the thought to each detail. Then a slight drop off into the bridge allows for yet another build into a musical jam fest of guitar solo and rock. Vocals coming back in at that point for a final round of the chorus, ending with just as much energy as it started with.

The real funk arrives with track four; Leave You. Starting right off with a bass solo, there’s no hesitation that this song, you will love. Rachel’s tender vocals glide in like a gentle summer breeze, but by the end of the first few lines she has you hooked. Starting into the second verse, you might take a double-take, An edgy rap hits full force, adding yet another layer to this already dynamic song. The blend is perfect, with neither singer over powering the other. The ending electric guitar solo is not only spot on hard rock, but the highlight to the song, leaving you wanting to listen to the entire song over again just to hear it.

Softening things up dramatically with a piano-based track is Change My Mind. A beautiful heartfelt ballad, filled with all the right touches of tender feelings, and raw emotion. Rachel demonstrates her range and ability to put just the right feeling in a song to make it an unforgettable song that may have you teary-eyed by the end. Not overly complicated, and a beautiful string solo in the middle, you can see the true craftsmanship throughout. The song drifts out in a romantic fashion, leaving the listener clinging to the shift in every last note. A true mark of musical talent and skill.

Offering yet another side to their musical style, yet still carrying that edgy flavor is; Butterfly. With a hint to the latin side, the intro guitar solo, which plays again throughout the song, creates the perfect setting of sultry desire. Rachel’s luring vocals drift through while David paints a picture with his raw-feeling lyrics. The song is filled with electric guitar solos, and impressive beat-keeping. With a good rise and fall through, the song takes you on a journey to some exotic island, with a forbidden romance between two long lost lovers.

Among the signature tracks on the album is a mixture of pop/funk style and killer guitar riffs, well executed musical bridges and thought provoking lyrics. The entire album gets you moving, and never has a dull moment. My Lucky Fish has done an excellent with production and fresh originality. The album is a strong collaboration, joined by Ricky Furr (Drums), Tom Graham (Bass) and Doug Sharpe (also on guitar) there is plenty of talent to make this album a real success.

Best Thing is one album that won’t make it to your shelf, because it will be playing in your CD player.

You can view My Lucky Fish at their website or on their profile, or go ahead and take the plunge – buy their album here.

By Pranam Bai Richter, Head of Global Publicity, the Fish Pond


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