Melanie Taylor – A Smile On My Face

Melanie Taylor; a hard-working singer with a love and passion that pours into every note of her music; succeeds in blending a wide range of styles; Hip-Hop, Techno and Pop-Punk. She’s created an album that will have you dancing from track one.

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‘All About Today’ is a pure reflection of how the singer lives her journey. Each song on the album is an expression of a day in her life, and moments she’s trapped in the lyrics she sings. Originally from San Diego, California, Melanie’s heart was always in music. And while her family was constantly on the go, she found her strength in the musicians she looked up to, and the musicians like whom she aspired to create music. She has embraced and welcomed every aspect of what it takes to produce music, from the songwriting process, to producing, to her favorite part; performing.

Beginning the album is a subtle yet hard-hitting number titled; ‘Cease Fire’. The intro of the song is beautifully crafted with just a simple piano; unsuspecting to what is about to come. Once the first verse drifts in, I’m instantly reminded of Jordan Spark’s hit; ‘Battlefield’. Melanie takes you on a vocal-range journey in the chorus, equally pushing against the power that’s built musically to give the listening ear a song worthy of jammin’ out on the dance floor to. The very catchy chorus is the part of the lyric that will linger with you once the song comes to a close…

“Cease fire, I’m putting hands up, hands up, hands up
Cease fire, cause I’ve had enough, had enough, had enough
Cease fire, I’m through with all my guns, cause you were number one
I’m walking out, get it out on the wire, I’m calling for a cease fire”

Filled with so many dance-themed songs, I turn to track 5 for feel-good; ‘Him’. Again, the lovely work of a piano introduces the song, blending nicely with simple techno effects, accompanied by snare and bass drum rhythm; there’s a perfect foundation for Melanie’s lyric. Spinning the tale of a love that’s just beyond the reach of a girl’s fingertips, you can’t help but understand what she’s describing. Melanie’s lyrics are so easy to relate to, sung by a voice that touches on the range and tone of singers like Rihanna, Jordan Sparks, Madonna, and Sarah Haze. Though the entire song is easy to sing along with and just grooves, some of my favorite lyrics are in the chorus; purely for the way Melanie sings them; it gives me chills…

“If only you were him, then I would be with you
When I’m not with him, doing what I should not do”

For a touch more on the Hip-Hop feel, flip to track 7; ‘Badboy’. With a slight edge on the reggae side throughout the song, Melanie’s voice has a chance to really shine through; without the cloud of too many effects. Filling the song in the middle is a simple rap by a guest singer, adding another dimension in the music Melanie has vocally already stamped her mark on. Reminding me of Rihanna’s ‘Man Down’, I really enjoy this side of Melanie’s lyrical and singing ability. Though it has a laid-back feel, you may find yourself reminiscing on your life, and your impact on others. With the message ‘you are strong’, Melanie questions where your priorities are. It’s time for reflection.

Second to the last on the album comes; ‘Whatever’. The message in this song is a reflection on the title; Melanie lives this life, this song, this journey for her. And that feeling is instantly recognizable, and extremely contagious. You’ll be rockin to this song all the way through. A great lyrical sentiment and use of instrumental creativity; including a very nice guitar solo mid-song. Easily my favorite on the album, right from the intro, and start of the first verse; she’s got you…

“A smile on my face, woke me up today
And I knew today, it would be ok
There’s not a real reason why I feel so good
But who said I need a reason to feel like I know I should?”

An album worthy of a debut release, Melanie is off to a strong start; with a beautiful voice to match. I’ll be excited to see what the future holds for this young and rising star, and I hope you follow this journey with her…it is certain to be an amazing one.

You can hear more from Melanie on her profile here

By Pranam Bai Richter
Singer/Songwriter, The Richter Sisters
Head of Global Publicity, The Fish Pond


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