Matthew Politoski – Trap Of Time

With his latest single, ‘Trap Of Time’, a single released off his new album titled ‘The Sounds Of Sleep’, available for download here, Matthew Politoski delivers nothing short of the amazing and unique talent we’ve come to expect from this musician. Acting as a solo project under the name ‘Animal Flag’, Matt not only has been writing his own music for the past 6 years, but he produces his own music as well.

animal flag

Successfully blending a variety of styles through his music such as Indie Rock, Electronic, Folk, and at times classical elements, his music is never one note sheet music.

You can watch and listen to “Trap of Time” here.

Beginning with a sensual yet eerie feel in this single, I’m instantly transported to another world, a world filled with spells and magical creatures, long since forgotten days of moonlit strolls through dark and mysterious forests. The artwork for the song’s cover only adds certainty to my speculation that this has a “fairy tale” vibe. I’m heavily reminded of the band ‘Evanescence’ in the way that the song seems to be creating itself around you; spinning with intrigue in the way it’s rhythm bleeds almost transparent sounds into the listening ears, creating depth to the song. Matt blends so well the electronic base of this song with his smoky and unique voice, while the song’s many layers offer a place to safely escape to.

“So harmless at first
You were golden from birth
A new breath off the lips of God sent to earth
To a mother and father, so grateful, so thankful
Too speechless for words
Oh how long they waited to gaze in the eyes of their beautiful girl
You were finally there”

Matt keeps his vocals in mid range throughout, but creatively hinting that you’re only barely tasting the heights of his vocal range; keeping the listener wondering just how much more could be in store. Harmony vocals from Kelsey Byrne add yet another element to the song, soaring it to new peaks, yet it never leaves the steady theme and escape the song takes you at the start. There are so many thoughtful touches immersed throughout; moments of pause, effects of static, and natural piano leads that fill the song, and make it more “real” and not sounding only digitally created.

The chorus, though it keeps a similar melody, is easily recognizable as the music builds nicely in the background and Matt sings his hook….

“Every memory is just a picture of something we’ve lost
In the trap of time
The paradigm
In the shifts that take us by surprise”

There are enough repeats of the chorus, you may just find yourself singing along by the final round or two. Drifting out of the song in beautiful harmony with Kelsey in a lyrical outro, yet never easing off the steady pulse that is the beating heart of this piece in song, it ends in the same manner of artsy talent it began with.

If ‘The Sounds Of Sleep’ keeps up with half the intensity and creative talent that’s in obvious and popular demand like ‘Trap Of Time’ does, there is no doubt in my mind Matt’s latest work will be a success, and an album that I’m sure he’s rightfully proud of.

By Pranam Bai Richter
Singer/Songwriter, The Richter Sisters
Head of Global Publicity, the Fish Pond


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