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Whats Next

Rusty was born in San Diego, CA on – well, he’s old. Andrea was born in San Francisco, some years later.

Both were kidnapped by gypsies and sold to Oklahoma families when they were toddlers. Now married, they reside in musical marital bliss in France, just across the border from Geneva, Switzerland, where Rusty aids and abets mad scientists from around the globe.

In 2005, Rusty and Andrea put together RAJN, a great family cover band. When the kids started getting embarrassed to be seen in a band with their parents, Andrea and Rusty created “Crowd Control”, which performed in several area venues. What’s Next? was born in 2009, of necessity to adapt to the venues from tiny to huge in the area.

What’s Next? is Andrea and Rusty Boyd, sometimes in an accoustic duo, sometimes a power duo configuration and other times we rock out with local professional musicians. What’s Next? released their first recordings on the “Resonance: Music from the ATLAS Experiment” CD released by Neutralino Records in 2010.

Rusty and Andrea have entertained the public since childhood with their musical skills. They each come from different musical backgrounds, Andrea loves all things rock…but most especially, heavy metal! Whereas, Rusty was raised around accapello harmonies and folk rock. Somehow, they’ve been able to blend their respective talents and likes into an interestingly different sound in the rock-n-roll world. Since moving to Europe in 2007, they have performed in various festivals and local venues, including The Hardronic Music Festival, Festival de l’Oiseau, Fete de la Musique, 7 Arts, Mr. Pickwicks Pub and Cafe’ de Soliel.

Up to now, What’s Next? has featured rock/metal/pop covers from the ’60s through the present day. But with Needles of Reality, our first orginal single, you can trip along with us on this new musical adventure.

Don’t be surprised if our next original differs entirely from Needles…after all, we are What’s Next?


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