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Vincent Corver

Vincent Corver, Award-Winning Concert Pianist & Composer was Pre-Nominated for the 2013 Grammy Awards. Recording under the Warner Classics CD Label he received global acclaim: “Monumental Recording” by the renowned Gramophone Magazine, voting it as the Nr. 1 CD Steve Reich recording available on the market today. (Issue March ’11) The same CD received high acclaim after its release in 2008 under the German CPO label, only later to be awarded the Diapason D’Or Record Award in 2009. In November 2013, Corver wrote the music to the film “One Moment” by Alex Klim, winning Triple Platinum at the Marcom Film Awards, including 1 Platinum and 2 Gold Awards at the AVA Digital Digital Awards.

The Dutch-born Pianist & Composer was approached by the renowned Start AKON to collaborate on the new “Stadium” album whilst having been in close contact over the years with his renowned producer Giorgio Tuinfort. His latest 2013 VEVO Music Video “Why”, in collaboration with the American Film producer Nyk Schmalz is currently airing nationwide in the US.

You can find out more about Vincent Corver, artist and producer, at his website, Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, his YouTube Channel, and Instagram.

His SoundCloud catalog can be found right here.

You’ll find a wonderful video of Vincent Corver performing “Why” right here:

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