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Could you imagine if John Mayer, Santana, Victor Wooten, and John Bonham were put in a room together to create music? Frankly, we couldn’t either, but Winchester has the next best thing. Bobby Crim, Rex Renner, John Hayes and Alex Swafford is Threesound. Formed in Winchester in 2010, Threesound was born in Millbrook High’s band room, at the time under the direction of the prestigous Michael Ward.

Threesound meticulously incorporates a wide variety of popular music to create a sound that is both catchy and original. Their presence on stage is that of a refined rock band whose music transcends their age. Covering everything from Electric Avenue to Electric Feel, Threesound respectfully pays due to their influences all set long. They play the local bars frequently and amaze the adult crowd, when they themselves aren’t even old enough to drink. Threesound has even played at renowned NOVA venue Jammin Java, which has featured such nationally known acts as Sixpence None the Richer, Nick Jonas and Paramore. Their self titled EP was recorded at Cue Recording Studios last fall and they are cutting their first full-length album this winter.

Here are some upcoming shows from the guys. If you’re willing to lend your ear they would highly appreciate you coming out and contributing to the vibes of good music. For more information and free downloads check them out on (


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