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Strange Habits

Drawing on influences from all across the board; from Incubus to Between the Buried and me; from Rage Against the Machine to Radiohead; Strange Habits has developed a distinct sound that pushes boundaries and carries an air of familiarity all at once.

The band is comprised of a group of friends – Brett Sparrey, Eric McCauley, Sheel Doshi, and Eric McGuire – who set out to play progressive music, with meaningful lyrics, and without the limitations of a genre. This band makes a point to make music that comes with inherent risks as well as compositional strengths. Founded in 2003 by drummer Sheel Doshi, and vocalist Eric McGuire, Strange Habits went on to bring guitarist Eric McCauley onto the line-up in 2004. It wasn’t until 2011, after years of performing as a three piece, with front man Eric McGuire playing bass that the band decided to bring on Brett Sparrey as their new bassist.

Strange Habits’ sound encompasses melodic vocals, dynamic guitar and bass, all backed by hard hitting drums. Laid on top of the musical soundscape are lyrics driven by a strong desire to promote positive social and political revolution. With this in mind, Strange Habits wrote and recorded their latest album “Fear of All Fools.” It is a concept album about the climate of self-entrapment that exists in mainstream society, and the realization that humanities survival depends on our ability to break free from a toxic paradigm. The message of this album is delivered in a variety of ways, but remains true to the theme, and maintains its urgency throughout.

Find out more at their website here.

Watch the official video of “We Could Be One” here.


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