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With a heavy sound rooted in death metal, Seren unleashes a crushing sonic onslaught featuring complex polyrhythms, demon-esque vocals, pounding drums, and aggressive, groovy riffs. The band names influences like Meshuggah, Gojira, Dysrhythmia, Nevermore, Led Zeppelin, Opeth, Between the Buried and Me, and Enslaved.

Born in different parts of the country, brewed in the depths of the Back Bay of Boston, Massachusetts, Seren was first formed in December 2011 as a collaboration project between drummer Mike Scott and guitarist Steve Logé. Over the next two years, with the talents of Dayne Herndon on bass and Matt Martinez on lead guitar and with the support of an army of Kickstarter backers, they developed their debut album Eye of Malignance, to be released on July 4th, 2014. The band has moved to Denver, CO to continue their musical onslaught, and will be performing as a trio with bassist Andrew Kim.

You can find out more about Seren, and purchase their July 2014 album, ‘Eye of Malignance’, using the following link at Bandcamp. Also follow them at their Twitter feed, Facebook page, and YouTube channel.


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Diementia; verb: A guteral onslaught against the mental psyche to lose ones self or forget those who fight for us every day.

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