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Scarecrow’s Curse

Scarecrow’s Curse is a horror themed rock band (hence the term “Nightmare Rock”) that started it’s strange metamorphosis in the wet and dismal spring of 2005. For the next five years, the band would play a handful of live shows, record several demos, and go through a revolving door of band members leaving Vermin as the only original member left. In 2010, after recording it’s 4th official demo entitled “Not for Normals”, Scarecrow’s Curse went on a 2 year hiatus while Vermin went on to play in the Black Metal band Leper Lord, and released several demos and the album “”Altar of Embers”” with that band. After Leper Lord was laid to rest, it was clear that Vermin had to resurrect Scarecrow’s Curse once again. New blood, new energy, and new direction.