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Sara Broman

A Stockholm native, Sara Broman spent the majority of her life in Sweden, while spending the past ten years traveling and exploring the world and herself in India, South-east Asia, Nepal, the Dominican Republic, North America and Europe.

Sara has been singing and creating art her whole life, but has since 2008 been more serious about songwriting and collaborating with other musicians. She draws inspiration from her travels and life experiences. Some of her musical gurus are Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, Stevie Nicks and Maxwell.
The record being played on repeat, in her kitchen at the moment, is however “Graceland” by Paul Simon.

Sara has been a musician at multiple festivals at the spiritual course center Ängsbacka in Sweden, as a member of the house band and as a featured vocalist, singing everything from “Proud Mary” to sanskrit mantras.
In july 2010 she was the opening act at the biggest alternative festival in northern Europe, performing in front of thousands of people.
She has sung at and continues to sing at weddings, baptisms and other familial ceremonies in Scandinavia.

In november of 2011, Sara was selected to be part of the “Artists for Peace”-choir, sharing the stage with music icons Stevie Wonder and Chaka Khan. Sara graduated from the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California, in march 2012 with an Associates of Arts Degree in Vocal Performance, rated as one of the top performers at her final showcase.
She also completed a 6 month Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in march 2012.
After graduation she immersed herself in continued keyboard studies for 3 months.

Sara is now back in her native town of Stockholm where she’s been performing around Sweden with her partner in life and music as the duo “Sun and Moon”, while writing new material and working on her forthcoming EP.

You can visit her Facebook page here

Check our her new video (November 2014) “The Idea of Us” right here:


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