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Ronjo V

So who is the mysterious Ronjo V?

The artist is actually composed of two compassionate yet laid back men residing in notorious Austin, Texas. Ryan Joseph and Keith Morgan have been musical partners in crime since their college years in Arkansas. Driven by the shared dream of living their lives in the studio creating music, the two relocated to Austin and opened 5th Street Studios.

Now the two are focused on developing the sound of Ronjo V and we can definitely hear this in their latest releases! Greeting our ears is Ronjo V. A proportionate mix of the haunting sounds of the Arctic Monkeys and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Ronjo V introduces us to an innovative sound.

The wavering effect of the instruments, the effect of the vocals, the bedding of bass and the dampened kit create a mellow, almost haunting atmosphere. Simple instrumentation but the mix, the subtle writing and the honesty of the music itself takes it to a whole new level!

Find out more about Ronjo V at his website, Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, and on Instagram.

Don’t forget to listen up at Spotify, to a brilliant 6 tracks.


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