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RJ Chevalier

I’ve been producing now for a couple of years and constantly find myself torn between making dark but melodic piano based instrumentals, or laid back pop songs where vocalists are willing to play with me.

I have been fortunate enough to work with Deni Hlavinka who is simply amazing, and more recently an extremely talented harpist/pianist/vocalist from Australia called Tara Minton. Remember both of these names 🙂

I am happiest when discovering the beginnings of a song; when you know it’s coming and you can feel it emerging from that creative space on your head. There is nothing more satisfying. I don’t particularly like the next month where I spend try to make it work with multiple layers as I am still learning how to produce and probably do things in a very inefficient manner. I think that’s why sometimes I just leave the pieces as solo piano.
Thanks for showing an interest.


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