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Richie Walz – The Madman

Richie Walz, The Madman, the real deal, delivers an amazing blend of rock, rap, pop, and classical music all fused together. An absolute phenomenon, and he is one of the best new all round singer/ songwriter/ performer/ composers the Fish Pond has had the pleasure of welcoming to the family. His producer, pianist, and manager is Mo Safren.

The Madman has a brand new video, “My Hostile Right Arm”, which you can watch here:

Writing since he was 15 , he has a wealth of material which includes 112 songs, 2 demo tapes, and 1 serious album in the works. He fully deserves his goal; he is aiming to be signed by a major label from the get go. He is already registered with BMI, and is pushing to have some of his material sold to established artists in the industry.

A serious musician, incredible live, with a beautiful voice, and a diversity of songs to die for, Richie Walz, The Madman, the real deal, is spending his days and nights working on bookings, music videos, marketing, promotion, management, and above all the music in his soul.

Richie’s latest success in May 2013, with Mo accompanying, was as the very first performer since the grand re-opening of the historic Culpeper State Theatre, which staged the likes of many famous performers in its day, including the world-renowned Abbot and Costello; the very second night Bruce Hornsby took the same stage.

You can enjoy Richie’s first video, ‘Sail the Skies’, here.


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