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Phat Salmon

Electronic music captured my imagination in the late 70’s and early 80’s with artists such as Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, John Foxx, Tubeway Army, and later with bands like Heaven 17, Human League and Joy Division; all of which still influence my music today. Purely amateur and very much as a hobby I have launched myself into music production once more with the hope of gaining new knowledge and skills as I go along and maybe even producing something you like.


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Stereolizza is an urban pop/dance group. The core of the group is Lizza – lead singer and songwriter; and AlecZero – songwriter, record producer, multi-instrumentalist. “X.Y.Z.”, the first single from “X-amine Your Zippa” album that made the group popular in 2006.

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The Voices of Terror

The Voices of Terror are an Alternative Rock and Hip-Hop music group from Deptford, NJ.

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Ahmed Beatz

Is a songwriter, producer, who grew up in Gafsa, Gafsa born March 24, 1991.

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