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Paul Maged

Paul Maged is an artist for a new age, having taken the common definition of a Singer-Songwriter and blown it away, creating a rock band sound in the form of an Alternative Rock Artist.

Maged’s new music announces an exciting and uncompromising voice in Alternative Rock. His songs have depth and explore concepts, social issues and universal themes such as climate change, human warfare, religion and today’s ever evolving society, that are very passionate to Maged, creating a unique vision through his music.

He studied music at the Boston Conservatory and then attended the American Musical & Dramatic Academy in New York. He has appeared in several independent films including festival award winner “Bobby G. Can’t Swim,” and has performed stand-up comedy throughout the Tri-state area.

Maged quickly found his niche in songwriting, which he had explored off and on from childhood. After his father unexpectedly passed away, he began writing the songs that would make up his first record, In My Time, a pop/rock album with a raw, garage band feel.

You can read more about Paul at his website, Facebook Page, and Twitter feed.

Check out Paul singing “Human Warfare” right here: