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PAIN! a 5 piece horror punk band from Frederick MD. Been around for about 3 years and played all over the club scene in the area in both Baltimore and DC. We started from the ashes of Frederick horror punk band SO DAMN THRISTY and Frederick death metal band DEAD ON IMPACT. Looking to go in a more metal direction Timmy and Johnny Pain hooked up with the trio of Steve Martin, Chris Ragen and Kyle Ragen (now known as MAXX PAIN!, BARON VON PAIN, and DR NEKRO PAIN) played a few gigs here and there recorded a basement 5 track ep before disbanding after So Damn Thirsty reunited to a sold out show at Jaxx now Empire nightclub.

After about a year So Damn Thirsty was doomed to the same fate of band quarrels and bassist Alex becoming a family man with a child on the way. Pain returned and made a splash on the very viable Martinsburg WV metal scene with the band Dysfigure. Their return they played with the Misfits and Over Kill, Otep and lots of good metal bands and were recieving a lot more positive vibe going into recording their debut full length COME GET SOME.

COME GET SOME was released in April 2012 but not before original guitarist MAXX PAIN had to bow out due to a new beginning for himself in Florida.. Enter REVEREND PAIN! A greased up punk rocker straight from the marine corps his new style of playing really refreshed the bands sound making it faster and punkier then before. This led the boys into a new scene known as PSYCHOBILLY. Playing many great shows with the likes of The KOFFIN KATS, THE ROCKETZ, THE CREEPSHOW, THE SILVERHOUNDS and leading into more punk rock national slots with bands like THE ADICTS, THE CASUALTIES and of course more fun with THE MISFITS in which Jerry Only himself has been scouting the bands progress.

With 2012 ending the band agreed it was time to make a new cd and with all the changes and all the gigs sadly we had to bid adieu to one of our longest running members JOHNNY PAIN! The lead guitarist bowed out after his long battle with addiction made him unable to keep up with the bands new faster pace. Enter in January 2013 Mr Eric Wilhide aka DRAKO PAIN! His guitar playing and go for it attitude were just what the band needed. He also recorded our new full length cd WAKING THE DEAD in his home studio which everyone involved has agreed is our best sounding and looking cd too date. With a year that’s already been full of promise who knows where we’ll end up next????

For DC our big spot is Empire where we’ve opened for the Misfits 3 times (Jerry Only is talking to us about perhaps releasing our 2nd full length cd WAKING THE DEAD) also opened for Wednesday 13, Otep, Sister Sin, Orgy, Over Kill. Vampires Everywhere, and a ton of other great bands there. Also in Baltimore we’ve played with a lot more punky stuff such as The English Dogs, Casualties, The Adicts, Death By Stereo, The Koffin Kats, Calabrese, The Independents, Havok, Toxic Holocaust, World Inferno Friendship Society and a ton more! Also played some killer shows in our hometown with the likes of The Cro-Mags, Kitty in a Casket and more!

As far as music we have a new cd lined up which we have a sneak peek of some brand new tracks which really capture our newer sound. Before we were kinda in a Danzig horror metal direction but we couldn’t escape our punk roots. The 2nd cd is called WAKING THE DEAD and we’re really pumped because the cover is being done by none other the CRAMPS horror artist STEPHEN BLICKENSTAFF. Also this past year for download we have been signed to British download goth punk label FREAKY PUG RECORDS! Their American rep caught us at the Orgy show and signed us being their first American band! and is where you can find the new tracks. The older ones on our facebook here were from our 1st full length cd called COME GET SOME which is still availible on Itunes.


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