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At the burgeoning age of 19 years old, Singer-songwriter Natania brings herself to Los Angeles, CA to offer her warm, young take on acoustic pop without shame. Her smokey voice coupled with humble vocal melodies create the perfect environment for her use of clever metaphors and witty plots. This can easily be defined as the height of her style. Audiences find her comfortably intimate and undeniably personal as she unravels her fascination with love and loss on the stages across the city. Natania currently works to complete her debut EP, “”Hope and Heartbreak”” due to release November 2012, and is building a local following in the mean time.

Natania had always loved music growing up but only thought of it as a hobby until arriving in the US from Mumbai, India in the summer of 2010. Natania couldn’t say what she expected from her new surroundings but signed up for Berklee College of Music’s 5 week summer program to see where this unforgiving love of a “”hobby”” might take her. Natania frequented the practice rooms and excelled at her studies with ease. It was towards the end of this program when Natania called herself “”comfortable”” with her writing ability, though still unsure of her identity as a songwriter.

Natania took another leap towards her curiosity of music, and enrolled herself into Musicians Institute’s vocal program in Hollywood, CA for the fall quarter of that same year. Natania called this migration out west the most pivotal decision she’s made. The fast pace of Southern California begged her to keep up, which resulted in a tremendous amount of invaluable experience that ultimately honed her craft of songwriting. She wrote boundlessly. Self discovery was undeniable. Natania found her niche as a writer, and now regularly interprets the inner cogs of love and loss that turn with each step she takes during this journey. Her translations echo common emotions we’re all familiar with, thus making the listening experience that much more personal.

Natania’s latest single, “The Letter”, released in April 2013, is right here:

You can find a review on Natania’s EP ‘Hope and Heartbreak’ here

You can find a review on Natania’s song ‘Cherry Love’ here


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