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My Dear Wendy

Influenced by Billy Joel and Andrew McMahon, Amanda Gunnels began writing songs at an early age. Classically trained as a pianist, she then taught herself to play guitar, which provided her with a platform on which to write her own music. She performed as a solo artist in Atlanta, Georgia and eventually adapted her piano playing into her original music. At the age of 19, She moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a professional songwriter. As Her writing progressed and influences broadened, she began to see her music in a different light- and decided to form the band My Dear Wendy.

My Dear Wendy combines Amanda’s lyrical depth with the power and energy of an indie-rock band. The band behind the music is always interchanged, but the sound of a soulful singer songwriter in front of a solid, rock backing remains memorable with a sound comparable to The Cranberries crossed with Sara Bareilles.


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