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Msafiri Zawose

Msafiri Zawose is a Tanzanian Gogo musician, performing both traditional and fusion tracks. Gogo music draws heavily on the incorporation of multiple vocalists and a few signature instruments, all handmade from locally sourced materials in Dodoma, Tanzania. Msafiri is unique among Gogo artists as one of the few to compose and write his own songs and lyrics. He is passionate about the continuation of his culture and rich heritage and hopes to introduce this sound to a new generation through energizing, hypnotizing live performances with his band.

Msafiri currently lives in Bagamoyo on the coast where he operates a recording studio and a program to promote the preservation of traditional music, Art Promoters Foundation. He has toured in America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East as a solo artist, with his band, and with the Zawose family group. He is currently involved in a number of collaborative projects to fuse modern DJ beats and mixes with traditional Gogo instruments and vocal harmonies.

You can find out more at his website right here, his Facebook page, or at Art Promoters here.

Check out a fabulous performance of “Amani” right here:


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