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Mojo Kick

Mojo Kick is Colby Blauvelt, John Fiore, Eric Melkonian. The 3 share many of the same influences, but it’s the differences that make them both unique and special. Individually they hold their own personal beliefs and values in music, art, relationships, and life in general. A mutual respect allows them to embrace their differences, which results in passionate, emotional, soulful music making and live performances.

Drummer Colby Blauvelt has learned what is important in life, by experiencing what is not. After losing passion, family, and purpose from drug abuse, major change and a new perspective on life has given all that, and more, back to him. Influenced by the likes of Steve Jordan, Chris Martin, John Bonham and the percussive techniques found in jazz, blues, and funk music, Colby has developed a powerful, yet tasteful groove-based style. “Simplicity is beauty”

Lead guitarist John Fiore, AKA Johnny the Kid, comes from a world of vinyl records, gritty blues, and rock n roll. He finds beauty in the human element of music, which is imperfection. In this digital age of auto tune and computers, JTK finds refuge in the warmth of analog recordings. These influences are evident in John’s style, and make for an interesting take on the guitar. “You can’t manufacture soul”

There is a lot to be said of bassist/vocalist Eric Melkonian. He defines what a front man should be. His quirky, unique, and eccentric approach to life make for a certain mystique that one is only born with. Eric is Influenced by bands such as Radiohead, The Beatles, and Minus the Bear. His contemporary indie-pop style, interestingly enough, works extremely well with the rest of the band.

Mojo Kick was born in the summer of 2010 on the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts. Emerging from the Allston underground, playing house shows and basement parties, the band has created a loyal fan base that has followed them into the popular venues of Boston. Although the surroundings have changed from sweaty basement shows to respected night clubs, the energy continues to grow stronger.


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