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Mo Blishen

Hello, my name is Mo Blishen and I am a singer/songwriter from Wellington, New Zealand.

I come from a musical family. My dad played trumpet in the Rodger Fox Big Band for over 25 years and my mum played a crazy selection of records. Nana Mouskouri was my home girl.

My first experience in music was as a drum machine button pusher, a highly skilled position, in a little known band that I won’t mention because they kicked me out – maybe I wasn’t that good….

I moved onto making music via garageband – looping samples and singing over the tracks. It was fun. The Chocolate Cake Song and its video have become one of my most watched songs on youtube. It was also featured at the 7th Annual Music Video Showcase in Memphis. It is a 5 minute, one vocal take song.

Social networking and nepotism found me some people to play with.

My album, Wide Awake and Highly Strung, is a collection of songs written from the necessity of getting feelings and emotions out post relationship break up. Nothing new, I know, but I found that singing the songs helped.


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