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Mini Diaz

Mini DiazHere and Now

Mini Diaz is a Cuban-American singer songwriter and certified recording engineer. Diaz has been working as a multi-instrumentalist and musical composer for film and TV for the last 5 years out of her Los Angeles studio Roger’s Boat.

Her career had a big launch with placements to The Oprah Winfrey Show. She then landed the opener for Dr. Oz in 2011 and composed underscores for the show and many others creating a substantial library, which consists of hundreds and hundreds of songs. Mini fronted the Pop rock duo called Little Days with her life partner Jorgen Carlsson (bassist for the band Gov’t Mule since 2008).

She joined forces as a background vocalist with Machan Taylor and Alicia Shakur performing the entire “Mad Dogs and Englishmen” (Joe Cocker’s live record) for Gov’t Mule’s New Year’s live event in 2011-12 at the Beacon Theatre NYC. The energy of that performance reconnected her to the stage, a priceless opportunity for her to be a part of an unstoppable train in front of thousands of fans. The event reinforced her first love, singing!

2013 turned out to be a year of reflection and self- realization. Having been brought up in a deeply religious background where homosexuality was frowned upon in addition to societies dismissal of it, Mini learned to keep her bisexuality a secret shame. She finally came to terms with it and in April 2014 she released an EP called “Invisible Fences”, a collection of songs celebrating individuality and the freedom we find in the pursuit of our personal truths, in spite of what dogma has to say about the human condition.

She wrote, produced, engineered and performed “Invisible Fences” while attempting to satisfy the dream of utilizing her own capabilities to achieve such a goal. Mini leaned on her musical friends who contributed their talents to this project; Jorgen Carlsson (Gov’t Mule), Jeff Young (Jackson Brown), Matt Hirt, Erik Eldenius (Billy Idol), D. Henry Fenton, Bae Kuang, and Holly Mathis (Hannah Montana). Mini is surrounded with support from her partner, son and friends; the future is bright for “Invisible Fences” as it has inspired art projects, videos, and forthcoming tours.

Find more on her website here.

Check out her latest video, ‘Sinful’, here:


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