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Michael Leonard Witham

In the summer of 2010, Michael Leonard Witham rummaged through a dumpster behind a strip mall in Shreveport Louisiana. An admitted “junk collector” since childhood, something caught his eye as he pulled his truck into the parking lot to glance at a map.

On this day, the “junk” he found sitting atop the garbage and boxes, was a well worn Yamaha acoustic guitar with a slightly damaged body and no strings. Fresh off of a pretty sound beating at the hands of the blackjack dealer at one of the casinos in town, Witham thought he might be able to make a few bucks off of the find.

Fast forward to today…Witham has been called a “songwriter’s songwriter” and his ability to tell a story, and his unique, raw vocal delivery drive his songs, songs which truly defy categorization and tend to explore all corners of the human heart.

Witham’s blend of rock, soul, folk, and country and his “colorful eye for characters in song” (The Arkansas Times) will be on display in fall, 2014 in the form of his debut ten track album, “A Scandal In The Violets.”

You can find out more about Michael at his website, Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, and his YouTube Channel.

Check out his video for “Down for Good” (track 2 from his new album) right here:


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