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Melanie Taylor

After two years of working in Hollywood with various producers and songwriters, Melanie Taylor partneredwith Sly Doggie Productions and has just released her debut album, “All About Today,” which is very much the sentiment of how the singer lives her life.When beginning to find her voice as an artist, Melanie thought she would mainly stylize with rock/pop, butshe has since found herself expanding and resonating with that and much more. “There is everything in thisalbum that I love from reggae, to 80’s hip-hip, to techno, and then of course just straight feel-good dancepop.

“Some songs on this album are very dear to me because they’ve been experimented with so many different ways, and have been about two years in the making – and it’s also been just as gratifying as an artist to love the songs that took only two hours to make.”

Originally from San Diego, California, Melanie’s heart was always in music. “We were always moving andplus I was an only child, so I found my consistency in other things like the artists I listened to. Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, No Doubt, Alanis Morissette, those were like my girlfriends, and Michael Jackson was my idol before I even knew the meaning of the word.

”Melanie’s biggest influences currently span over Rhianna, Dev, Pink, Jessie J, Bruno Mars, Adele, W,Kanye West, and Jay Z.As an emerging singer/songwriter, even in the face of obstacles Melanie has always found her source of inspiration right back in the music itself. “For some reason when I journal to get things out, a lot of times itcomes out like poetry because I usually want to rhyme it. So then singing it makes going through my struggles a little easier. Or if it’s just about having a good time – creating music makes the celebration that much better. I feel I was born to do this.

Because this industry takes so much perseverance, I make sure Ilove what I’m producing every minute, and I love my message. In some ways it doesn’t matter if 10 million or10 people like my songs, it’s ultimately for me – it’s what I do. I have come to love every aspect of this jobfrom picking the right sound, to the first time the concept is thought of, then writing the lyrics, and definitelyrecording. Performing is my favorite part of the process for sure- it’s like the reward for doing all the hardwork.

For me, singing is like reconnecting to that universal “thing,” whatever you want to call it, that connectsus all as human beings. There is something so healing that comes from music, and it should be shared. I think people should check out my music because it’s original yet we’ve incorporated the genres that most everybody knows and loves. And the songs are my stories, based on my experiences and what I’ve witnessed in life. A lot of times I like to make fun of the drama because that’s the best way I’ve figured outhow to live my life, and not get wrapped into taking some things so seriously.

No matter what I’m singing about, whether it’s a club banger or a ballad, I think that energy will speak to people.  Every day I feel so blessed to love what I do and do what I love, I aspire to have my music touch people likemy greatest influence Michael Jackson did. “I want to influence music to bring us all closer together… to make people from all over the world dance together, laugh together, cry together, and be inspired together.”Keep up with Melanie’s latest updates and shows here!




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