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Mademoizelle Fizz

Mademoizelle Fizz launched her solo career in 2009 and from then it took no time for her warm and vibrant voice to conquer the audience, attracting more fans show after show.

The melodies she sings are enchanting, giving you chills, bringing back the jazz standards and more famous titles all redefined through her unique interpretations. The quality of her performance on stage shows how she appreciates every second of it, every smile in the crowd and every time someone seems to close their eyes to take in her music.

She now has two albums to her credit; one, ‘Mademoizelle Fizz chante Henri Salvador’, is a tribute to a famous french artist , and the other ‘Plaisir Coupable’, is a compilation of hits with a jazz-pop- country touch to it.

You can find out more about Mademoizelle Fizz at her website, here.


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