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Layla, born July 19, 1981 is an Emirati/Swedish singer, songwriter, and composer. Having a multi-ethnic background and upbringing, Layla grew up in Sharjah with two completely different cultures; this is evident in her style of music as it blends Western and Eastern melodies, which proves to be a powerful and unique style of music.

Layla first started to realize her musical capabilities by taking Piano Forte exams from Trinity College London (TCL). Then after graduating from high school she further explored her talents by composing her own melodies rather than playing notes given to her by her piano instructors. By the time she graduated from high school in 1999 she combined both singing and writing and started composing her own songs.

While studying Business Management at the University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD), Layla entered Battle of The Bands as lead singer and won first place. Recognizing the need to further enhance her talent in other areas of music, she transferred to Wollongong’s main campus in Australia to complete multiple courses in music composition and production.


Since her return to Dubai, Layla has featured in several tracks in conjunction with various artists in Dubai and the United Kingdom. With her family‚Äôs blessing, Layla has now taken her talent to the next level and will be releasing her first album “For Real” in the fall of 2012.


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