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Kurt Deimer

There’s too many people trying to tell everyone how to be today…I’m just a simple guy. I support the people that make my life better, and I try to make their lives better in return. If we all just worried about that and not everything else that we can’t control, the world would be such a better place.

Kurt Deimer – Vocals; Phil X – Guitars, Vocals

Despite making his mark in the business world, Deimer didn’t feel complete – so at an age when most people start thinking about slowing down, he started to speed up. Inspired by the artists that helped shape him – Boston, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Marley and AC/DC, to name just a few – he started writing song lyrics. And inspired by his love of movies and acting roles in films including the 2018 ‘Halloween’ remake and John Travolta’s ‘Trading Paint,’ he started hashing out a movie concept he had bouncing around his hyperactive brain.

To call him a Renaissance man would be a bit melodramatic, but in the few short years since – armed with an inability to take no for an answer, a drive to constantly improve his craft, and an insatiable desire to network and keep expanding his rolodex – Kurt Deimer has filmed a feature length movie aimed to launch his ‘Hellbilly Hollow’ horror franchise, recorded more than two dozen songs with legendary producer Chris Lord-Alge, whose credits include Green Day, Joe Cocker, James Brown and the Rolling Stones, and is co-managed by Andy Gould, the former manager of Rob Zombie and Guns N Roses.

Phil X & The Drills continue to record and tour and Phil finds himself fortunate and blessed to have two canvases on which to create.  From month-to-month it could be from a van, shared hotel rooms and venues holding 150 to 300 fans, to arenas, stadiums and jets.  More music and live shows are coming from Bon Jovi, The Drills and a new partnership with artist/filmmaker Kurt Deimer.

You can find out much more at Kurt Deimer’s websiteFacebook page, and YouTube channel.  You can also read about Kurt and Phil X’s performance on Yngwie Malmsteen’s Parabellum 2022 tour here.