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…these songs…are so mf’ing good I can’t stand it. Don’t know how I only just found this band.

Don’t Need No Melody

Initially beginning as a bedroom project, New York’s Klozapin was formed in January 2014 by Mitchell Todorov (Guitar/Vocals), Paul Simone (Bass/Vocals), Nick Connor (Drums) and Niden Kolev (Guitar), quickly gaining a firm following in the Otsego County area.

The band create vibrant soundscapes, with elements of pop, indie, psych, noise rock, shoegaze and trip-hop. Lead vocalist Mitch says the biggest influence on the sound of this record was the idea of “making a record that sounds like swimming through a sea of bubblegum. First you can kind of glide through the sweet water but eventually you just end up stuck in it.”

Priding themselves on their inability to become easily categorised by genre, they feel the secret to their growing success is down to four good friends “making cool sounds and having fun doing it”.

Check their links at their Facebook Page, BandCamp, and SoundCloud.


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