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John Crown

I am a self-taught guitarist from Villaperuccio (CI – Sardinia). I’ve been playing guitar since 1999 and my project started in 2009. Currently I have to my credit a self-produced album, “The Progress”, which is the first step to achieve the goal of this project : trying to combine rock, instrumental music, ambient sound effects, techno and even extreme metal.

I called the result “instrumental eletrockmetal”.“The Progress” is a concept/cyclic album that relates the history of metal music with the history of technological progress…and goes beyond the history (that is, imagining the future, and drawing conclusions .. it’s like a futuristic hazard ending with a return to basics in a modern way).

The core of the matter can be represented by a simple question: is progress always a good thing, or it may frighten?At the beginning of January 2011 I came third behind Lacuna Coil and Teatres des Vampires in the Italian chart on, and I also have been approached by the Cushion Records (which has, among its exponents, Allan Robinson, producer of the early Judas Priest, Bob Marley, David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Hawkind etc. ..) to put my single, “March of Technology”, on a CD compilation made up of emerging artists – unfortunately I could not accept because of the lack of funding.Some of these songs have been broadcast on several web radios, such as Radiogas (rockstation), Rockland, Radio Talent, Atomic Sound and Visions (Ohio), Free Web Radio Telecasting of Florida, and were recently released on iTunes and other portals.

In early 2011 I was interviewed by Giulia Fiore, coordinator of the “metal archive” and I also became promoter of the Lace brand (by permission of coordinator Patrick Kirshtner for emerging groups, as a user of Alumitone standard and Alumitone Deathbucker guitar pickups) and I was included in the artist list of Soundwave Distribution Italy, importer of the brand.Pre – release tracks have been taken into consideration by Steve Volta (Italian endorser of Jackson Guitars and guitarist for Pink Floyd and Pandemonium) who answered positively judging the album “full of good intentions”, “March of Technology” and “Robot Invasion” won the contest “Band For The Day”, while the whole album has been reviewed on, scoring 75 out of 100. It has also been celebrated with several reviews on Facebook.

Amongst my personal achievements: in 2009, I contributed to the completion of two pieces by Psychronic Continuum Dj from Florida (Whirlygig and Designation # 1.2); at the moment I am involved in various activities, such as the resumption of the work on my second concept album (you will find the definitive version of the first track attached to this e-mail), the creation of tracks that will be included in an alternative online project of collaboration with singers from all parts of Italy (this project is called Queens of Crown and has just been launched), be present in the metal mp3 Goees Vol.1 of Noloser Records and looking for new ideas for my curriculum and promotion of my material.

Unfortunately I think I won’t be available for live shows, I have done some before, mainly playing on a backtrack, since I am both the author and the composer of all my tracks. The drums part is made with Ableton Live, the rest of the instruments are played by me. My main goal is to be recognized as a web artist, represented and promoted for what I do, I’m not interested in being a source of money but a source of music, (although I wouldn’t mind earning some money as well!)


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